Old-Growth Forests and Animals

" By the sacred grove, where the waters flow, we will come and go, in the forest.

In the summer rain, we will meet again. We will learn the code of the ancient ones, in the forest.

By the waterfall, I will hold you in my arms. We will meet again by the leafy glade, in the shade of the forest.

. . . By the ancient roads, I will take you home to the forest.

. . . We will surely roam, down by the ancient roads."

Van Morrison, In the Forest, Copyright 1993 by PolyGram Music Publishing Ltd. & Exile Publishing Ltd.

Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan (UP), 1988 / Pine Orchard, Adirondack State Park, New York, 1990

Deer in Great Smoky Mountains N.P. (Cades Cove), Tennessee, 1984 and Shenandoah N.P., Virginia, 1995

Virgin Woods (and Judy) at Henry Ford's Mansion, Dearborn, Michigan (just outside Detroit), 1985 / Wild (?) Buffalo in Yellowstone N.P., Wyoming, 1989

Wild (?) Moose in Baxter State Park, Maine (where the Appalachian Trail begins), 1992 / Hartwick Pines State Park, Michigan, 1988

Virgin National Forest land in northwest Virginia (where we camped), 1995

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by Dave Armstrong, Photographer and Nature-Lover

Updated 7 December 1997