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Kennedy tragedy

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The wreckage of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane showed no signs of in-flight breakup or fire, and the engine appeared to have been working when the aircraft plunged into the ocean, a federal safety panel said Friday, July 30.

The National Transportation Safety Board, releasing its first update in a week on its investigation of the July 16 crash that killed Kennedy, his wife and her sister, also said that Kennedy had received a weather forecast via the Internet for his flight from Fairfield, New Jersey, to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. The report, issued at 6:30 p.m., or about two hours before takeoff, was for good visual-flight-rules conditions, with six to eight miles visibility.

Share your thoughts about this airplane crash and the deaths of J.F.K. Jr., his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and her sister Lauren Bessette.

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Joe Lewelling - Monday, 07/26/99, 10:56:08am (#2881 of 2897)

Obviously the Clintons are behind this--John-John was about to endorse Guilliani for Senator and Hillary had to take him out./


1. The crash was near Martha's Vinyard--The Clintons vacation on Marhta's Vinyard.

2. The wreckage washed up on Gayhead Beach. The Clintons have been big gay rights supporters.

3. The plane was a Piper. JFK Jr was killed to keep him from "piping up"!

Paranoid? I think not!

It is time that Starr looked into the whereabouts of Hillary Clinton, Harold Ikes (sp!) and Jim Carvile on that Friday afternoon.

Emmett C. Murray - Monday, 07/26/99, 3:08:47pm (#2882 of 2897)

I am shocked at the senseless hate reflected in some of the messages posted. They do not reflect logical thinking or common sense. Just hate and unfounded statements.

At this time, we should strive to be more understanding.

Alex Robinson - Monday, 07/26/99, 5:40:15pm (#2884 of 2897)

Thank you Rik for your support.

I agree that some of the sentiments posted here just add to the grief that I already feel. What fools are these to think I am simply mourning a "playboy" born with a silver spoon? HOW INSULTING!

I am mourning the loss of my country. I am mourning the loss of truth and justice. I am mourning the loss of hope for the future, the belief that we could return to a state where the rich DO help the poor, where every man is each other's brother.

JFK Jr. was by no means a snotty nosed rich kid with a silver spoon. His work in Harlem alone illustrates that he truly cared about the people - ALL people. His magazine offered a different viewpoint from the tepid rate grabbing views of the media. I sincerely believe he cared about truth. And it saddens me that we have become such a self focused race, that all we can ask is WHAT CAN MY COUNTRY DO FOR ME...

I have lived with the insults of being a conspiracy nut case for years, because what happened to the USA in 1963 made such a strong impression on me, I can not leave it be. I just wish more people of my generation would see this for more than a simple "accident". I wish more people would ask why.

Sometimes I think some of the posting here are just a poor attempt at being noticed by the people at CNN rather than use this board for its true purpose - a tribute to a fallen hero.

JFK Jr. may not have made history in his short lifetime, but I for one believe that he could have and would have, had his life not been cut short by an "accident". For those who were hoping (and probably still are) that he was on drugs, albeit perscriptions for his recent accident, for those who are looking for dirt, I ask, why can't you seek truth?

Again, thank you Rik. I was beginning to think that I was in the company of only 3 people that really want to know what happened and are not content with accepting just what we are told.

How like Hamlet it all really is... Good night sweet prince...

Brook Meeks - Monday, 07/26/99, 7:39:49pm (#2886 of 2897)

JFK Jr. and his wife were great role models for young adults everywhere. There are far too few of those in the world today. Thankfully, they lived enough in their short life to raise the bar and set some standards for all civil people to emulate. That will be their greatest legacy....

Mousie E - Monday, 07/26/99, 10:18:08pm (#2887 of 2897)

Have you guys not heard that there is belief that John Jr. called an 800 number before flight that fatal evening and got an inaccurate weather report about the haze and visibility?! Saw it on GMA this morning...

Anything we hear could or could not be valid, for the horrendous fashion in which the media covered this death and continues to is shameful...again, the guy couldn't see where he was flying and crashed. Pretty simple.

Have a good night to all.

KL Hixson - Tuesday, 07/27/99, 9:45:21pm (#2888 of 2897)

I am sorry for the messages that are so unkind on here. I would just like to say God Bless John, Carolyn and Lauren. It makes me smile to think that John has met his father.

Lu Cabral - Wednesday, 07/28/99, 5:51:42am (#2889 of 2897)

I am not being cold hearted or anything but I think that the press should leave the family alone and let them feel their loss in a private way and that the media is exploting the families and the grief that people feel right now.

The media has overplayed this tradegy to the last drop and they have milked it enoug. For example Fox News had a 24 hour coverage of the Tradegy and they just repeated things over and over again it was becoming monotonous. I do not say that the media should not cover it but there must be a line that they can not cross.

CNN did not exploit this Tradegy, their coverage was tasteful and really sincere. Thanks you.

Dave Liljengren - Wednesday, 08/04/99, 5:10:50pm (#2890 of 2897)

Here's the url for an excellent essay about what JFK Jr. and George Magazine meant to the members of Generation X.

It's very well written, check it out:


CAM - Thursday, 08/05/99, 1:39:32am (#2891 of 2897)

Thanks, Dave, for the interesting link.

Rollin Mayer - Friday, 08/13/99, 2:50:13am (#2892 of 2897)

I wonder if the planet Venus could have been a cause of Kennedy's pilot error, since it was near the horizon and could have been mistaken for a light on the ground.

My very rough estimate places Venus about four degrees above the horizon as seen from his plane at the time of his quick turn to the right. It may have appeared slightly orange, like the setting sun. Also, Venus was about as bright as it gets in the evening sky until more than a year from now.

He may not have been aware of Venus until the last few minutes because at the start of his flight the sky was probably bright enough to make it hard to see unless you know exactly where to look. Later on, the "haze" could have partly obscured it, and his flight path would have placed it nearly behind him on his left.

The scenario could have been as follows: Looking about for any visual clues, he suddenly saw a light (Venus: bright? orange?) behind him at an alarmingly high position. Believing such a bright orange light was on the ground, his instinct was that he was closer to the ground than he thought, and that he was banking very much to the left. So he banked (and turned) sharply to the right and started to climb. Hoping to have corrected the situation, he stopped his right turn and leveled off but was now unable to see the light because it was more directly behind him. So he started to turn further to the right. Suddenly he was able to see the light again, but this time on his right. Now it was even higher than before (because he had tried to establish a correction by banking to the right). Furthermore, it now seemed to him that he was in a somewhat steep climb (because the light, toward his tail, was so high and he had just been climbing). So he promptly banked to the left, lowered the nose, and went into a dive.

I am surprised not to have seen any discussion of these possibilities and would like to see a more complete analysis of them.

paul gauguin - Saturday, 08/28/99, 8:40:45pm (#2893 of 2897)

Kennedy was a great guy. Too bad about what happened.

paul gauguin - Saturday, 08/28/99, 8:42:03pm (#2894 of 2897)

What's all this about the planet Venus? I don't know what you are smoking, but I sure would like some of it.

paul gauguin - Sunday, 08/29/99, 11:19:14am (#2895 of 2897)

This board sure is a nice change from the Yahoo! Kennedy board which has been trashed with a constant stream of profane dribble from raving idiots who like to hear themselves talk.

Maxwel Smart - Monday, 08/30/99, 11:41:50am (#2896 of 2897)

As much as I feel for the Kennedy's in this time of crisis I also think that JFK jr is just keeping the reckless Kennedy tradition going. Irrestponsible acts end like this one.

I have heard some say that JFK Jr had a lot of potential and maybe he did but lets not confuse JR with Senior. I think a lot of people are just re-living what happened in the 60's and placing JFK Jr on a pedastal that was not wanted or deserved.

I am not taking for granted the charity work John John did but enough is enough. The media was a circus. The Presidents decision to continue the search was in my opinion questionable and the money could have been put to better use to feed the hungry instead of raise the dead only to have them put right back in the water.

paul gauguin - Tuesday, 08/31/99, 6:33:16pm (#2897 of 2897)

>>lets not confuse JR with Senior<<<

And let's not confuse JFK Senior with old Joe. Joe Senior was the bread winner for generations of Kennedys to come. They breed like rabbits.

JFK Jr. did have charisma though. Got to give him credit for that. His passing was a tremendous loss for the country.

I'm glad that we spent money to "bring up the dead" when it concerns that young man. John John served his country when he was 3 years old without even realizing it. The photograph of John John saluting his father's casket is now part of the iconography of American history.

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