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      Whether for business or personal use, Max Pages gives you a home on the World Wide Web at no cost. With our powerful Web Site Creation Tools, you quickly build and maintain your own Web Site completely free of charge-- no strings attached! Using our Design Wizard, you build your own professional-looking Web Site,, in minutes. Then using our Site, Page and Field Editors, you detail your Site to perfection. Web Site design has never been easier! Our browser-based design tools let you customize all aspects of your Web Site, without requiring HTML. You choose images and animations, backgrounds and colors, lines and bullets, font styles and sizes with a click of your mouse button. Type in the text, links, and graphics you want and we put your Site together for you. Ready for your FREE Web Site? Just click here...

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    Hi there!

    I have just created my page on your site!..WOW! It is the easiest, quickest, best looking set-up I have ever seen! I came across a link to your site from the FREE SITE, formerly Dr. Webster's!

    I have been on the internet now for about 2 years, and have tried to create stacks of free, quick, easy etc...pages on every possible free provider of pages there is, and never really come up with anything that I have even gone back to, let alone remembered where it is!

    I'm sure that you won't mind me complimenting you on this brilliant site! I am going to tell all of my friends/colleagues etc...about this site!

    Just a couple of things that may help you as to why I have come to this conclusion...

    1. A very fast loading site...I am only using an old '586 - 133 machine with 32mb edo ram, and a 56K modem.....not the ideal machine at the moment (getting a new monster in a couple of weeks) but the speed was great!

    2. Looks good! Not cluttered, nice and clean! easy to understand etc

    3. The registration process is absolutely basic - Excellent! Very straightforward! Easy to follow.

    4. The choice/range etc of images etc is second to none!

    I could go on forever about how good, easy, quick, great-looking etc that this whole deal is, but I think by now you will have gathered that I am rather impressed!

    Once again, congrats! 10/10! FULL MARKS!


    Michael Grainger AUSTRALIA

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