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What is
Frank, the LiveJournal mascot goat.
"Baaaah," says Frank. is a free service here on the Internet that allows you to create and customize your very own "live journal" ... an up-to-the-minute log of whatever you're doing, when you're doing it. It's free, it's fun, it's easy to use!

How do I use my LiveJournal?
It's easy!!! You update your LiveJournal whevnever you want either on the web, or by a small easy-to-use program you install on your computer.

Perhaps the best way to understand LiveJournal is to see it in action. Look at the LiveJournals of Eli and Bethany. See how LiveJournal users Brad and Erik have integrated their LiveJournals right into their personal homepage!

So come and create your very own LiveJournal. Let the world know the story of your life, as it happens! (whether they want to or not)

Create your own LiveJournal!

Getting Started
Create A Journal
Come and create your very own LiveJournal!
Download a version of the LiveJournal update tool for your computer.
Update Journal
Update your LiveJournal online.
Customize Journal
Customize the appearance and options for your LiveJournal.
Other Options
Edit Personal Info
Edit your personal information and preferences.
Edit Your Friends
Edit your list of online LiveJournal friends to track from your LiveJournal friends page.
Tech Support & Documentation
Mail the support team and get a quick answer to your question.
Developer Info
Information about the LiveJournal protocol, style system, and journal embedding.
Who made LiveJournal? Come and find out. We're doing this for you, afterall.
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