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H2O Video Postponed
Contributed by Aubin on Friday November 26, @02:48PM from the agh dept.

According to the official H2O Website, "OK, the news on the H20 home video is, at it is going to be postponed most likely till the beginning of the year 2000. The delay of the video is the decision on the art work. It has now be[en] worked out and the band and the label both decided that H20 fans should have a treat for the new millennium."
To get a peek at the box art, go here.

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More Sick of It All Cancellations
Contributed by Aubin on Friday November 26, @09:09AM from the doh dept.

On the subject of the Canadian cancellations: "Besides the aforementioned dilemma, the Canadian dates on the Life On The Ropes tour were cancelled due to harassment at the border. The authorities held us for 8 hours and decided to take every dime we had. Most of this money wasn't even profit, but money we owed for touring expenses. Imagine working for 2 months straight, having proof of where your money came from (receipts, invoices etc.) and then having someone sieze your earnings pending a 'criminal' investigation. That is exactly what happened to us. Itâ s going to take 2 weeks to 3 months before we hear if weâll even get our money back. Our legal fees don't help our situation either. We strongly urge all Canadians to write their local politicians and complain about the treatment musicians are getting at the border. Our fear of what the authorities are capable of kept us from continuing our tour into Canada."... but wait, there's more. "First things first. Our New York show at The Roxy has been cancelled. Can you believe this shit? The club claims the Bouncing Souls, H20 show got out of hand. From what we heard the club was treating people like shit. As much as we donât want to support asshole bouncers and club owners, we're dying to play a show in our home town. We will try to play a NYC show a.s.a.p., possibly in January." I'm going to resist the obvious Sick Of <...>, but you get the drift. 

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This is Getting Weird...
Contributed by Aubin on Thursday November 25, @09:08PM from the you-won't-believe dept.

Ok, I heard this rumour yesterday from some guys who went to the Get Up Kids/At the Drive In show last week in Toronto, but it's now been confirmed on the bands official website. At the Drive In has been asked play on the Rage Against the Machine tour, and start opening for them on November 27th, according to the Tour dates. Then, in December, they're playing with the Foo Fighters and hippie superstar Ben Harper. Serious weirdness going on, folks. 

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Review: FLK - Picture Day
Contributed by Aubin on Thursday November 25, @06:50PM from the tours-news-reviews dept.

I got a copy of Funny Looking Kids' new release on the Fastmusic.com label. Click below to read the review.  

music reviews
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NOFX goes live!
Contributed by Aubin on Thursday November 25, @06:43PM from the much-delayed-but-appreciated dept.

In case anyone doesn't know, NOFX officially opened the Official Site today. Go there in droves. (Like you need me to tell you.) Update: I fixed the stupid broken typo. Sorry guys. Go there now, instead. Doh. 

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Happy Turkey Day, ya damn yanks.
Contributed by Aubin on Thursday November 25, @11:54AM from the canadians dept.

Alright, Happy Day Off, Happy Turkey Day, Happy Macy's Day, Happy Football Day, Happy USA to all you yanks who are probably asleep right now. Work sucks. Bye. 

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Trial undergoing some Trials of their Own
Contributed by Aubin on Thursday November 25, @11:46AM from the hahahahahahahahahah-cough-cough dept.

Ian writes: "Trial were robbed in Rome about a week ago, and had most of their money and passports stolen. Like the troopers they are, they've continued on and Greg says the tour is going quite well despite the setback. Thanks to all the European kids coming out to support them! Hopefully everyone will come out and see them and buy some shirts or something so they can get home..." 

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NOFX Website is semi-available
Contributed by Aubin on Wednesday November 24, @10:47PM from the doh dept.

Alright, instead of a launch, as promised, NOFX has instead graced us with a Coming Soon page! Doh! But it does provide the valuable information that The Decline is in stores now. Duh. What are people going to do in the meantime? Read this page? 

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Fat Tooth and Nail info.
Contributed by Aubin on Wednesday November 24, @03:14PM from the gah. dept.

First of all, Fat writes: "The Decline should not be sold for more than $11. Period. Let us know if stores are being bad. We'll give 'em the forearm shiver." Also, the Tooth and Nail site has mysteriously vanished and been replaced with a coming soon sign again. Spooky. Update: Ok, hopefully it'll stick this time, the new flash-enhanced Tooth and Nail site is up. Looks pretty cool. Also, I don't think the eleven bucks thing include non-US funds. So, in Canada, (pulls out calculator), it would be 50 bazillion dollars.  

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Review: Planes Mistaken for Stars - Knife in the Marathon
Contributed by Aubin on Wednesday November 24, @02:30PM from the long-titles dept.

Another Deep Elm release, Planes Mistaken for Stars has more going for it than just a really cool name. Click below to read my review. 

music reviews
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Punk Rock Economics 101
Contributed by Aubin on Wednesday November 24, @11:44AM from the paste-is-dizzy dept.

Jordan from Pastepunk.com, had a new rant for us, click below to read it. 

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