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  Wythe's Story 2: Arrivals ~DC~
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posted 11-09-99 07:35 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
ooc: Wythe's story. Enjoy.

"L'extrémité et le futur sont un...
...mais nous continuons à vivre à l'avenir."

posted 11-10-99 10:34 AM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
ooc closed solo thread

My beloved Dom rode out that morning. How was I to know it was for the last time?

Nothing different than all the times before; save Lady Ella's whispered instructions in his pointed ear before he left.

How was I to know that this time would be the last?

Of course I did not.

I spent the rest of the day going through the Letite scrolls I had found long ago, with my Lady peering anxiously over my shoulder.

I wished for the days past, when we had been friends--but I feared to ask her about the odd light in her eyes.

Servant of Ella Maujer
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posted 11-12-99 03:29 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
My Lady's face was a mask of secrets that day.

As night fell there was still no word from my beloved Dom. I gathered my courage to ask my Lady his whereabouts.

"Why do you care so Wythe?" she snapped at me, busying her hands with folding the scrolls back into the oaken chest lined with silk where we stored them.

"Had you taken him as your lover then--finally?" Her voice was mocking and hard. The edge to it completely unfamiliar.

"I--I--" I could not finish my words. Memories plagued me, that night in the war camp overlooking the dead Lord Kivnor's lands, when my Dom had spoken to me so tenderly. In the midst of all of that blood and pain, on a hilltop overlooking the ruins of Arden, we had made a pledge of sorts to each other. Confessing this now to my Lady, whose face was set like forged steel--I could not cheapen that memory this way. I could not...

Finally I found my tongue. "He is the best of generals my lady--it is only that. I--I worry--I fear if he does not return."

Ella Maujer smiled at me like a viper. I felt my soul shrink away from her, my skin crawl.

"If he does not return my loyal nymph, I suppose I shall have to appoint another general--that is all."

The edge in her voice lessened somewhat. "He was not for you anyway, nymph. He served only one Lady you know--as do I..."

She fingered the heavy pendant that hung around her neck.

She cocked her head at me, like a striking snake. "You know, my loyal servant...Vhyrnakus was quite pleased with your...ingenuity when Bedford fell. You have gained her respect."

I shuddered visibly and she laughed and stroked my arm.

"It does not matter nymph, if you do not believe in Her...she believes in assured of that."

Outside the window, I heard the chanting of the peasants in the charred circles that ringed our keep. I had never felt more alone.

Servant of Ella Maujer
fan of dogs that don't speak latin

Ella Maujer's Alt

posted 11-14-99 11:56 AM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
The next day one of our ravens returned from the Crown lands to the north. He stepped away from me when I tried to coax him onto my arm and flew straight for my Lady, hopping on her shoulder with some urgent news.

Happy news it seemed for the smile that lit up her face was almost the Ella of old again.

"Wythe..." Ella said quietly. "There is something you can to serve me and our Queen now...if you have the nerve..."

She was mocking me, I glared back at her--for a moment forgetting my station.

Her smile grew wider and more predatory. Not my Lady of old at all.

"I need you to go to the marketplace, my nymph. There is something there for you to sell--and buy for me..."

With a sinking heart I answered her. "Which marketplace?"

She gestured me to her and unrolled the parchment map that had been tied to the raven's leg.

Servant of Ella Maujer
fan of dogs that don't speak latin

Ella Maujer's Alt

posted 11-17-99 10:04 AM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
And so the next day I set out alone, riding my centaur mount--the former lordling of a land long dead. He was, my Lady assured me, familiar somewhat with the land to which I must travel.

My Lady insisted I wear the two-piece brass garment that I had worn long ago to war--and over that a silk cloak to shade me from the sun. At my waist I bore a longsword, and as I rode I clutched the pommel nervously trying to remember how to use the damned thing. It had been long sonce my Dom had given me instructions on the art of war.

I rode past the crater, past the trail of merchant caravans of the accursed wolves, (some of the merchants, I was pleased to note, bore the marks of the pox which continued to trouble them), past small lands whose names and alleigances I did not know.

At night I boarded at small inns along the way, relying on a glamour of harmlessness to keep me untouched.

Whenever I could find them I stopped at the shrines of Angelique and prayed. Though, as I continued and the sun grew larger like a great flaming ball in the sky, these shrines grew scarce.

I kept my hood up, glad of it against the burning sun.

Servant of Ella Maujer
fan of dogs that don't speak latin

Ella Maujer's Alt

posted 11-22-99 05:32 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
There were no trees in this new land. Only stunted leathery plants, a few clusters of them here and there amidst rolling sand.

My mount was having trouble with the terrain. He sank up to his feltlocks with every step. His hide was dappled with sweat. He mumbled to himself through a thickened tongue--not words really--ever since my sorcery had broken his mind he didn't talk--but I understood his complaint.

I would have to waste some of my precious water reserve on him soon enough.

My silk robe clung to me most unpleasantly. With a brush of my hand I pushed my sand-matted hair out of my eyes and peered at the horizon. Miles of it: golden sand.

Worrying I consulted my map again. Wasn't there supposed to be a marketplace around here somewhere?

The sand shifted and rippled in front of my tired eyes.

The Suzerein was endless.

Servant of Ella Maujer
fan of dogs that don't speak latin

Ella Maujer's Alt

posted 11-26-99 02:41 PM ET (US)     Profile   Email   Edit Post
The Suzerein was endless, it seemed. Endless and silent.

I camped that night in a small oasis: a few stunted palm trees and a brackish spring. I did not want to drink the water but my mount gulped it greedily, gasping like a fish when I handed him the battered cup.

I lit a small fire and consulted my map...the the south--so I had assumed. I had heard rumors of this desert. The Suzerein was vast as any barren wasteland in the land...overrun they said, with heathens...I shuddered and shivered in my thin cloak.

In the day burning sun--and at night--this bitter cold when the warmth left the sands...

Wait... with a sigh I consulted my map again. The desert land was not marked as the Suzerien, it was not marked at all. The map was vague and confusing and even as I looked closer, the marks on the parchment faded and swirled.


Frowning I turned the map upside down, so that the desert lay at the top--north--not south at all. The land between was vague but I recognized, with a sinking heart, the coastline in the direction that was now west--not east.

I was in the wrong desert. South was incorrect. I should have gone north.

I cursed my own foolish ignorance.

My mount lay on his side, flanks heaving, twitching in an uneasy sleep. He looked as ill as I felt.

Servant of Ella Maujer
fan of dogs that don't speak latin

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