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External Eyes Sets for MyEyes


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Get funny blinking menubar eyes onto your desktop. All you need is MyEyes 2.3.5 and one of the external eyes sets you can download below. MyEyes is a small system extension written by Federico Filipponi that draws a pair of eyes onto your menubar which constantly follows your mousepointer. It comes with a setup application that allows you to choose external eyes sets.

Choose your set to download:


(<1kB) (3kB) (<1kB)
All you have to do is download MyEyes 2.3.5 and your favourite eyes sets. Follow the installation instructions that come with the MyEyes package. Then drag all your external eyes sets into the MyEyes Sets folder in the Extensions folder in the System folder. Now you can select these eyes sets in the MyEyes setup application.

Made with Macintosh

Windows 95 users should have a look at WinEye instead.

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