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Welcome to the Curriculum Grant Program

Microsoft sponsors the Instructional Grant Program to reward colleges and universities for innovative uses of technology in the computer science, engineering, and information systems curricula. This competitive grant offers software licenses for Microsoft Visual Development Tools, and operating systems, in exchange for posting and sharing current curricula on the Academic Cooperative Web site. To review course offerings provided by previous grant recipients, visit the Curriculum Project.

We're also working with secondary schools to encourage innovative computer science education at that level. For information on our secondary schools grant program, visit

Our grant deadline for the 1999-2000 academic year has passed.  If you have submitted a grant application, you should have been notified by September 30, 1999.  To apply for academic year 00-01, please check back here in January, 2000.

More information about grant levels and requirements

To edit an existing grant please send e-mail to for instructions on how to access the Edit Page.

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