Wednesday, October 06, 1999

9:49pm CST - The Screw... (hahahaha!)

It's the Spring of 1957 and Bobby goes to pick up his date. He's a pretty hip guy with his own car. When he goes to the front door, the girl's father answers and invites him in.

"Carrie's not ready yet, so why don't you have a seat?" He says.

"That's cool." Says Bobby.

Carrie's father asks Bobby what they're planning to do. Bobby replies politely that they will probably just go to the soda shop or a movie.

Carrie's father responds, "Why don't you two go out and screw? I hear all the kids are doing it."

Naturally, this comes as quite a surprise to Bobby, so he asks Carrie's Dad to repeat it.

"Yeah," says Carrie's father, "Carrie really likes to screw; she'll screw all night if we let her!"

Well, this just made Bobby's eyes light up, and his plan for the evening was beginning to look pretty good.

A few minutes later, Carrie comes downstairs in her little poodle skirt and announces that she's ready to go. Almost breathless with anticipation, Bobby escorts his date out the front door.

About 20 minutes later, Carrie rushes back into the house, slams the door behind her, and screams at her father: "DAMMIT DADDY! IT'S CALLED THE TWIST!!!"


Tuesday, October 05, 1999

8:54pm CST - "Yes, I'll take a number nine" (Fillet o' Fish Value Meal)
Well, my salt water tank has FINALLY cycled, and tommorow is the big day when I'll have to choose what my first real fish shall be. I've narrowed it down to three choices: the Picasso Trigger, a Hawkfish, and last but not least a Lionfish. Do me a favor and drop me an email telling me which one you guys think I should get!

<----- Picasso Trigger
<---- Lionfish


Sunday, October 03, 1999

3:18am CST - Mambo #5 (*starts to dance*)
Was surfing around and found an interesting exerpt from a time that Janeane Garofalo appeared on Politcally Incorrect. I find it very amusing. Tell me what you think about it.

Garofalo appeared as a panelist in the July 14th, 1998 installment of ABC's Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. In discussing the Pope's recent apostolic letter where the traditional rules of the church were reaffirmed, the subject of marriage annulment is brought up, and Maher asks Janeane...
Bill: ...Janeane, you Catholic?
Janeane: Well, I was. I'm not religious anymore, but I think it's like papal infallibility, which is a ridiculous man-made tenet, like what I believe most religious tenets to be, are man-made after the fact.
Bill: I agree.
Janeane: The Bible, I've said it before, is a beautifully written work of fiction.
[ Light applause ]
No, no, don't clap, don't clap. That's what gets me killed.
Bill: Yeah.
[ Laughter ]
Janeane: But I just think that papal infallibility and what you're saying, it's like a fascist thing, shut up, get in line, this isn't a focus group. Well, you know, that's a very fascist type of statement. I mean, Catholicism? Yes. So don't be a Catholic, I guess you're right. There's something to that. But it's supposed to be about tolerance and acceptance, and also keeping an eye on pragmatism. And it's 1998. There's got to be certain concessions made for the times.
Arianna Huffington: Well, you could become a Southern Baptist. I mean, instead of having to obey the Pope, you could just obey your husband.
Janeane: Right, exactly. ---


Monday, September 27, 1999

11:27pm CST - Slightly off topic...
Greetings people! I was surfing around checking out some information on the new console system that was released by Sega, the Dreamcast, and found something that I found semi amusing. If you're wondering just what that huge hulk of an addition is on the bottom of the Dreamcast, it's a Zip Drive that's due out from Iomega by the end of the year for the Dreamcast (duh). I don't know about you guys, but I may just have to get this system yet. ; )


Saturday, September 18, 1999

2:58 CST - Alive and well?
Hey all! I'm sure that it's become quite apparent that our updates have tapered off to say the least. This is because of a multitude of reasons, ranging from school, work, and various other factors. One of the "various" factors being that this game that all these great fan sites are trying to "cover" is soooo far away (release date wise). With the game being so far off, I believe that trying to cover it is for the most part a joke at this stage. Every time we try to put up something great about the game, we don't know if it will actually be in the game, but more likely than not anything we post now, will not make it into the game. Now, as to the future of The Eden Times, we will begin extreme coverage of this game as soon as we get within three months of release. Once this happens we'll start our hardcore coverage back up. Until then we'll be making an update here and there, but with news mostly not pretaining to B&W, but to amusing things we find/do. Anyway, if you have any comments/feelings go ahead and send them in using the feedback form in the right nav bar, or just send an email to either PaladinMan or I. Thanks.


Saturday, August 28, 1999

11:30pm CST - All over your body..
As many of you probably already know, learner has left LoE. His reasons for leaving make me wonder why I still do this. I'm in the same position he is in. Teenager, half way around the world. But you know what? I have nothing better to do! Believe it or not, I just find this fun to have a page that I can update every so often. Now, enough of this crap. On to the good stuff. And now, after weeks and weeks of searching(or what seemed to be), I have something that we can all enjoy. Its in quicktime format so you should probably use quicktime. I won't tell you what it is, but the link below should be a hint. So download it now! :)

everybody in vests.


Wednesday, August 18, 1999

3:11pm CST - Summer heat!
Well the time of year we all cherish is almost over, and the last days of summer are nearly at an end. With that in mind I really think it's time we all exprienced something that I have been enjoying for years! That is the wonderful drink/dessert that I can't get enough of! ICEEs! The ICEE has to be by far my "drug" of choice for this summer. I just can't get enough of the damned drink! Mmmmmm........ blue raspberry... nothing better.... except maybe cherry! (And yes I know this news post had nothing to do with B&W, but what can I say, B&W news is slim to none right now, so in the mean time.... do yourself a favor and get an ICEE! Yay!)


Wednesday, August 11, 1999

7:20pm CST - BWRC
Well, Prosek is having problems with his modem so you'll have to put up with me updating the news again. Yes, yes, I know I suck, but too bad. Anyway...

Black & White Resource Center has gotten a makeover to commerate the last eclipse of the century. It looks damn cool. Personally, I think its a vast improvement over their old site layout. And they also scored a screenshot of a lion fighting an ape. Click the thumb below to see.

Monday, August 09, 1999

7:00pm CST - More koo stuff to look at!
Black & White Resource Center has scored a screen shot of some wolf like creature. Looks pretty damn cool but I still think that our turtle owns. Take a look below.

Black & White Wire also has 2 new interesting movies. The first one shows Peter Molyneux presenting the E3 version of Black & White to the press. That movie is about 4.8mb. The second is and interview of Peter where he talks about his past at Bullfrog and other assorted topics but not very much on the game itself. Head on over there and check it out.

And lastly, I have also found a lot of previews and articles(mostly previews) on the web about Black & White. Its all the same stuff. I did find some extremely horrible previews that suck arse and they're included too. The previews can be found under the "Game Info" heading on the right. So if your bored out of your mind and don't have anything better to do, go ahead and check out the previews.


Sunday, August 08, 1999

1:53am CST - Oh the things that piss me off....
There aren't many things I ask for in life. A few good PC games every year, a delicious meal at a nice restaurant, and hell even shooting a nice round of golf. There is one thing I do ask for though that the punks over at the Gap and Old Navy seem to not wish to grant me, and that's freakin' commercials that don't iritate the hell out of me! You know those commercials I'm talking about, those ones with the damned vests, and all the sinigng, and those damned twins saying, "Sister sister? Brother brother!" I have to urge to reach out and smack those guys every friggin' time I see that. Anyway, I would have tossed you guys some B&W news, but low and behold there was no news on the day! Until then do not buy ANY vests, not one! I'm sure I can handle that promise. Want to comment on the vest commercials? Go ahead and toss me an email telling me what ya think.


Saturday, August 07, 1999

12:25am CST - Guess we're not too sepcial!
Well apparently Jamie thinks he's Santa on Xmas night over at Lionhead, because he's gone screen shot CrAzY! This time he's tossed a few pics over to the guys at Black or White. Some of these three are neat! Here they are....

If you ask me I think we need to see a picture like the third one above here with the turtle from yesterday rumbling with some other beast! The turtle owns you all! Mwhahahaha...... *runs off wildly*


Thursday, August 5, 1999

2:32pm CST - 3 new exclusive screenshots!
I guess somebody upstairs likes us, because we just scored 3 new exclusive screenshots! Thanks for the screenshots Jamie!




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