INDEX to BARBER and BARBOUR Family Outlines

Warning: In many places, these outlines should be taken as a guide to further research, since some of the connections are not proven. I have tried to mark all these questionable spots with question marks.

b = born
m = married
d = died
r or res. = resided
Ref = Reference
CS = Census
VR = Vital records
IGI = Mormon Church International Genealogical Index
CSL = Conn. State Library
CEM = cemetery
Lt = Letter or correspondence
CH = Church records

There are about 75 outlines of different Barber families.
I am especially interested in adding more early connections to what I have here.   If you have additional information, or if you don't find your connections here, Email me at
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Asa Barber, b 1789, of Wake Co NC, Georgia: Asa Barber
Augustus Barber, b 1758, of Lower Canada & Indiana: Augustus Barber
Benjamin Barber, b 1729, of Danbury CT: Benjamin Barber
Barbers of Ireland, 1815, & Bruce, Ontario: Barbers of Bruce
Charles Barber, 178?, of CT and NY: Charles Barber
Charles & Wm. Barber, b Eng. 1845, of Newbury VT: Chas. & Wm Barber

Daniel Barber, b 1772, of RI, and Oakland Co, MI: Daniel Barber
David Barber, b 174?, of Pittsylvania Co, VA: David Barber
Ebenezer, b 1842, s. Jos. Barber, b Eng. 1811, of Toronto: Ebenezer & Joseph

Edward Barbour, b 1770, of VA and Barren Co KY: Edward Barbour
Elisha Dyer Barber, b 1759, of Pittsylvania Co VA & KY: Elisha Dyer Barber
Frank Theodule Barber, b Can. 1852, of Colchester VT: Frank Theodule Barber

George Barbour, b England 1615, of MA: George Barbour
George Barber, b 170?, of NC & Augusta Co VA: George Barber
George C Barber, b Cumberland Co PA 1794, of Harrisburg: George C Barber

George Barber, b 175?, of Cambridge, Washington Co NY: George Barber
George B Barber, b 1775, of Onondaga Co NY: Geo.B Barber
Gray Barber, son of .James, b 1765 VA,Clarke Co GA,& AL: Gray, James Barber
Hallett Barber, b 1798, of NY, Darke Co OH and IN: Hallett Barber
Hamlet Barber, b 1754, of Milford MA: Hamlet Barber

Hoxey Barber, b 1766, of Mt Holly VT: Hoxie Barber
James Barber, b 178?, of Pittston Maine: James Barber
James Barber, b 170?, of NJ & Bucks Co PA: James Barber
James Barbour, b 1680, of Culpeper VA: James Barbour
James Paine Barber, b 1816, of Washington Co NY & VT: James Paine Barber
Jesse Barber, b 171?, of White Co GA: Jesse Barber

Jesse Barber, b 178?, of Sand Lake, Rennselaer Co NY: Jesse Barber
Jesse Barber, b 1746, of Berne, Albany Co NY: Jesse Barber
John, b 177? & Pleasant Barber,1815,of Carroll Co GA: John, Pleasant Barber
John Barbour, b 164?, of York & Falmouth ME: John Barbour
John and Rezin Barber, b 1765, of Montgomery Co MD: John & Rezin Barber

John Barber, b 1620, of Dorchester MA: John Barber
John Barber, b 1629, of Springfield MA: John Barber
John Barber, b 1630, of Dover & Newmarket NH: John Barber
John Barber, b 175?, of Barrington NH: John Barber
John Barber, b 1719, of Sussex Co NJ: John Barber

John and William Barber, b 172?, of Anson Co, NC: John & Wm Barber
John Barber, b 1807, of Lycoming Co PA, OH: John Barber
John Barbour, b 1786, of Philadelphia PA: John Barbour
John Wesley Barber, b 1808, of NC: John Wesley Barber of NC
Jonathan Barber, b 1740, of Simsbury CT; Wash. Co NY: Jonathan Barber
Joseph Barber, b Eng. 1765, of Ashfield MA: Joseph Barber
Joseph Barber, b Canada 182?, of St Albans VT: Joseph Barber 

Landers Barber, b Eng.1750, of Maryland and Kentucky: Landers Barber
Lude Barber, b 1784, of Hebron CT: Lude Barber
Luke Barber, b 1615, of Maryland: Luke Barber 
Malon Barber, b 1787, of Warren Co NJ: Malon Barber
Mathias Barber, b 172?, of Sussex & Morris Co NJ: Mathias Barber
Moses Barber, b 177?, of Liberty & Bryan Co GA: Moses Barber
Moses Barber, b 1652, of RI: Moses Barber

Moses W Barber, b 1807 of NC and Copiah Co MS: Moses W Barber
Nathaniel Barber, b 1768, of Brattleboro VT: Nathaniel Barber
Nathaniel Barber, b 173?, of PA and Scioto Co OH: Nathaniel Barber
Nathaniel Barber, b 1809, of NY and IA: Nathaniel Barber
Patrick and Arthur Barber, b 172?, of Orange Co NY and NJ: Patrick,Arthur
Ralph Barber, b 1788, of Washington Co NY: Ralph Barber

Robert & Matthew Barber, b Scotland 1700,of Weston MA: Robert,Matthew
Robert Barber, b 182?, of Perth, Lanark Co ON: Robert Barber
Robert Barber, b 1690, of Chester PA: Robert Barber
Robert Barbour, b 1798, Scotland & NB: Robert Barber
Samuel Barber, b 1725, of Greenwich CT: SAMUEL BARBER
Samuel Barber, b 176?, of Maryland, to LA, TX:
Samuel Barber

Samuel Barber, b 168?, of Sandwich MA and Carmel, NY: Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber, b 168?, of Hunterdon County, NJ: Samuel Barber
Solomon Barbour, b 171?, of Weymouth MA, Deer Isle ME: Solomon Barbour
Thomas Barber, b Eng.1612, of Windsor CT:
Thomas Barber

Thomas Barber, b 174?, of RI, NY, & Bradford Co PA: Thomas Barber
Tuffield Barber, b Canada 1810, of Shaftsbury VT: Tuffield Barber
William Barber, b 1637, of Killingworth CT: William Barber
William Barber, b 176?, of Woodstock CT: Wm Barber
William Barber, b 1778, Ireland; to IL: William Barber
William Barber, b 166?, of Washington Co RI,: William Barber 

William Barber, b 174?, NC, to Clarke County GA: William Barber
William Barber, 17??, NC,  GA, to FL: William Barber
William Barber, b 179?, Greene Co, OH: William Barber
William Barber, b 1640, of Farnham Parish, VA: William Barber