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Welcome to the General Headquarters of the Campaign for Canadian World Domination. Your future tyrants are General Claire and General Jenny. The Generals are Canadians who are taking over the world and re-designing it to suit their aims. We will accomplish this goal by:

Happy Canada Day 1999!

In honour of this joyous (yet, for the un-Canadian, grim and solemn) occasion, celebrate the upcoming tyranny of the few over the masses by learning about our New Canada Day Initiative!
It's approved and thoroughly regulated by the Office of the Generals!

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"After all, we fought the Yanks in 1812 and kicked them the hell out of our country -- but not with blanks."
-- Farley Mowat (1921-)

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The bloody battlefield!

"The US is our trading partner, our neighbour, our ally and our friend...
and sometimes we'd like to give them such a smack!"

-- Rick Mercer, "This Hour Has 22 Minutes"

Warning: This web page is a satire!

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Despite our judicious uses of brutal oppression, we are generous and loving tyrants. As such, we allow the use of our graphics and/or photos on other people's sites. We probably appropriated them from other sources ourselves. Well, the leaves and logos we actually came up with. The propaganda posters are stolen from the National War Museum. One thing we do ask - realizing fully that none of this means anything in a legal sense - please do not take the name "Canadian World Domination", text, and/or ideas from our site and present them as your own. Because that would anger the Generals -- and we believe in crushing our enemies as surely as timbits accidentally left on a car seat are similarly crushed.

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