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Last Updated: November 27, 1999 11:45PM CST

I have been hearing sporadic reports of strange behavior while browsing GameFAQs while using several different flavors of Netscape in combination with the "Back" button. I can't track down the problem myself, so I would greatly appreciate the input of some helpful souls out there. If you are using a Mac with Netscape, please drop me a line and let me know 1) Your OS version and (more importantly) your Netscape version, 2) If you have had any problems "back"ing through GameFAQs, 3) If you have seen this behavior on any other sites, and 4) anything else you can think of that might help. I'd like to hear from you whether or not you've had problems so I can track this issue through a specific version. Drop me a line at and help to stamp out this horrible problem!

11/27/99 11:45PM
One final update online. All of the GameSages links should be fixed, so that's done.

11/27/99 12:55PM
First update online. I'll be fixing the GameSages links next.

11/27/99 3:20AM
No rest for the wicker. It's very late, and yes, I originally meant to type "wicked", but there's just something about wicker that leaves me uneasy. One more update online, just to prove that I really don't sleep much at all.

11/27/99 1:10AM
One quick note: the standard links to GameSages have been disabled, but the "Alt" links are still functional. Please use those for the time being until I can verify and correct the situation.

11/26/99 11:20PM
One more update online for the day.

11/26/99 6:43PM
Another update online, and the this week's PSX Import releases are also up. As promised, here are some quick first-impressions one-liners for some of this week's Dreamcast releases in order from best to worst. This was a good week for imports, a rotten one for domestic releases.

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Import)- Very nice indeed, with both the original and the sequel on one disc. Your typical Capcom 2D fighter with a simpler control system (super moves are like those of the Darkstalkers/Vampire series, which I like) and enough new features (the Stand system) to make it worthy of purchase.
  • Maken X (Import)- So far, very nice. Interesting story, great graphics, and pretty good gameplay. Control is a little strange, but I'm still sorting that bit out.
  • Zombie Revenge (Import)- Arcade perfect, naturally. Zombie beat-'em-up, great design and atmosphere, way too short, but still nice.
  • Death Crimson 2 (Import)- Surprising. It's no House of the Dead, but there's a lot more to shoot at and a lot more to do.
  • Centipede- Identical to the PSX and PC versions with smoother graphics. Tight control, but it's still a very basic shooter.
  • South Park: Chef's Luv Shack- Great concept, fun mini-games, but it's not for the single player. Constant loading between questions is very annoying.
  • Soul Fighter- Ick. Lovely graphics, but the biggest and toughest enemy in this game is the camera.
11/26/99 12:10PM
First update of the day is online. I just got this lovely UPS package in the mail, so I'm off to go play Zombie Revenge, Maken X, and Death Crimson 2. One-line reviews later in the day.

11/26/99 1:40AM
Now I remember what it was I wanted to say... I have not yet gotten this week's Japanese PSX releases in the database yet (due to their number). If you're wanting to request help on one of the latest releases, you'll have to wait until Friday afternoon until I can get them in. Sorry for the delay! The good news is that I plan on getting my Japanese upcoming release lists up and going this weekend, which will eliminate these kinds of problems.

Top 10 Games (11/27)
1. Resident Evil 3 - PlayStation
2. Final Fantasy VIII - PlayStation
3. WWF Wrestlemania 2000 - Nintendo 64
4. Pokemon - GameBoy
5. Donkey Kong 64 - Nintendo 64
6. Pokemon Yellow - GameBoy
7. Final Fantasy VII - PlayStation
8. Jet Force Gemini - Nintendo 64
9. Dino Crisis - PlayStation
10. Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Nintendo 64

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