In my sorry quest to avoid fulfilling prophecy
somehow I just get me further bogged down in this quicksand.

Peter Choyce dot com
Still: Daily uPdAteD!
Sat: Nov 27th
Thankin the Lord for every last pixel of me web

beating the apocalypse by weeks with one of my own

Can't really say what the big tragedy is, except it's been a long time coming.
There is a kind of poetic justice in it too. Unfortunately, this just aids my determination that there is some kind of grand scheme, a blueprint, that I'm just adhering to. I'm guilty but innocent too.

The stupid reality is that I gotta move outta here now and leave all these creature comforts behind. But there is a real liberating quality to this too,
which is what I am trying to focus on.

If I've learned anything by now, it's how to take it and work with it,
y'know, not just suck it all inside... Ya, you got to have a positive attitude.
Like I am sure this'll inspire more growth as an artist, which is a real nice perk.
I'd like to get the last laugh, but for now it hurts when I try to force one out.

'oh what I mess I made ...................................... send me an email!
................................................................................................................... oh lordy, an email!

I Am A DJ!
I'm on
THE M: WMBR 88.1
Tues 10-noon (EST) and
90.3 WZBC (FrI 1-4)
y can lissen to me on line
a lot of the time!

Well, there's always the end of
the year countdown!!
Tune in or tape the top 90.3 of'99:
FRi Dec 10th

Sorry Jeez, I am buying
NoThInG for Christmas!

It's not to0 late!

WaiT! shit, it is!!! Never Mind!!

"Nearer My God to Thee"

Prisoner Dr. Jack Kevorkian's painting exhibit is way worth seeing. it's at the Armenian Library & Museum of America in Watertown

Turkeys Feel Bad
During the Holidays

The count down:
Only 36 shopping
days left till the apocalypse!

Your emails acknowledged!

Can't update nothin till after thanx!

But when I do...It'll be lots!!

The never ending story of
MY LiFe!

the award-winning

with new parts always
being scattered about!


I don't know about you, but I always find the worse shit happens around the holidays. There's just not that much that's good between now and Christmas.
Nov 29-Dec 3rd They're asking "WON't You Please come to Seattle?"

PC dot com exclusive!
a pic of
6 BillIONth BAby!!

junkie's Corner
"he's all strung out!"

Currently: (11/24) luckily,
he's cleaned up and retired

DJ's,DJ wanna be's, and college radio lisseners:
What do you think of
(LOTS of Response to this.
Stay stunned, I'll get it up by next week too,K?)

A humble list of

Attach me web to yrs and I'll
re-oblige with a smile!

Is commercial radio at its lowest point ever? Shit, its all so, so bad. God, I heard that morning show on FNX the other day. They have these DJ people w no comedic sense what-so-ever trying to do dirty talk. You have to hear it, 2 joes w uttrely no timing, chemistry or reason to be on the air!
I hate to complain, but can BCN
get any worse? Who is lissening to KORN anywayz? Anyone over 12? Yikes, I cringe. 'Tell ya, Commercial radio's days are over.
Look at the reason!

in the FM

"Don't Quote me!"
My experience working for
WFNX and the mob
The Phoenix!

inc'l Part III:
Drunk on the AiR!

Death to the Phoenix!

Bring me the head of

now, lets turn to web:

Page two

So much goddam shit. And there's even more!! Like
Twice, or three times as much!!

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