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Review by Rob
Blood (14mb)/DirectX (6mb)
Blood Final
April, 30, 1997
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DOS, 16Mb Ram, CD-ROM
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10 10 10

Monolith Productions and GT Interactive bring you one of the most anticipated games of the year. Blood final is almost ready for shipping to your local retailers. We are ever so fortunate to receive a final copy for our reviewing, and that's what we bring you here at PC Gaming.

Well, all I can say in a few words is, "Kick butt, awesome game, tons and tons of hours of game play, I just love it! I WANT BLOOD 2!". Now that I've calmed down so, now for the review.

There are several enhancements to the Blood that were not available in the shareware version, you had the voodoo doll which you could direct at an enemy and puncture it a few times to kill your enemy, or blow him into chunks with the skull. Let me tell you more about this awesome weapon. There was a staff with a skull attached to it that when fired it would discharge some sort of energy and kill whatever you aimed it at, then its eyes would light up and shoot out some beams of light. Dazzling effects, really funky weapons. Here is some more for your pleasure. Timed dynamite, what else could you want? Throw the dynamite, push the button on the remote control and KABLAM! Enough gore for everyone.. I won't tell you what all the weapons are within the game or it'll just spoil all the fun. There are plenty more for your enjoyment.

I had the chance to see what the new monsters would be like, and they are everything seemed to be and more. The dog type monsters were really gruesome! If you get to close to them, you better bring along a fire extinguisher otherwise you will be flame broiled. You got it, a big ugly beast of a dog that shoots fire! There was another monster that gave me a bit of hassle finishing off, it seemed they were made of stone because it would take quite a bit to finally finish them off. This was most likely due to the fact I was on the last episode, last level. Can't complain for some challenge.

There are some things you will learn as you continue into the game. I will tell you things just to get an idea of what to look for. There are some monsters that are immune to certain weapons. The fire breathing beast (dog), is of course immune to fire, try picking another weapon to finish it off.
You will find several times a weapon will not be able to kill a monster, the rusty old rake never fails!

Really awesome sounds effects, including digitized speech and music! One of the parts I enjoyed the most was the fact when you were in a certain distance of water you could listen to the water clearly in a 3D type environment. Whenever you moved away from the water, the sound would diminish appropriately. Some other cool stuff, whenever you tried opening a door your character would say something like, "Awww it's stuck!", "Locked!" and more! Tons of sounds to get you hyped.

All I can say is purchase the final version when it comes available, you will not be disappointed. I would like to say, "great work", to the people at Monolith for the master piece they have created.

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