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Latest update:Saturday, November 27, 1999
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  • CELLULOID RUSTBELT? On the eve of next week's World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle, Los Angeles'  film industry loudly sounds warning bells about shipping its jobs out of country. LA Weekly 11/26/99
  • OF ART AND ARCHITECTURE: Legendary dealer Max Protech reflects on a career of representing architects. "I cannot imagine being interested in art and not interested in architecture, and vice versa," he says. Architecture Magazine 11/26/99 
  •  THE GHOST OF THE OLD OPERA HOUSE: As Royal Opera moves into its new home, Covent Garden is discovering the headache side of  what it's like to be an opera house again. Financial Times 11/26/99
  • ON OLD (OFF) BROADWAY: While straight plays may be endangered species on the Great White Way, Off Broadway has no shortage of stars. New York Times 11/25/99 (one time registration required) 
  • TAKING THE HIGH ROAD: French publisher has found a way to mine her country's intellectual elite and her countrymen's passion for ideas and produce a formula for commercial success. Financial Times 11/26/99
  • WHAT THE WORLD WATCHES: The US sells 70 percent of the world's TV programming. Next is Britain, with 12 percent and a big drop after that to the rest, says a new report. BBC 11/26/99 
  •  A LIFE IN FILM: Since Woody Allen's personal life went tabloid in 1992, the man can't release a movie without his personal life becoming a source of endless speculation. As the latest one opens, a critic asks him why he continues. Toronto Globe and Mail 11/26/99 
  • CATCHING UP WITH KISSIN: Yevgeny Kissin is at the top of the piano world. In person he looks even more frail than he does on stage. "At this point, I have to perform only in places that are important from the career point of view," he says. Toronto Globe and Mail 11/26/99
  • CULTURE JAMMING: It's National Buy Nothing Day - culture jamming is a new movement dedicated to resisting the consumer urge when those about you have had their taste shaped by  corporate America. CBC 11/26/99
  • DIGITAL BIENNIAL: For the first time, the Whitney Museum plans to include digital artists in its Biennial, scheduled for next year. New York Times 11/25/99 (one time registration required)
  • HALLELUJAH: Frank McNamara has rewritten Handel's "Messiah." New version stars Gladys Knight (without the Pips), Chaka Khan and Roger Daltry. "I just thought it would be great to do a pop version," says McNamara. "There are great tunes in it. At the end of the day, music is entertainment. I don't think it should be challenging." Irish Times 11/25/99
  • BOUGHTA-BOTICELLI: They were getting the packing crates ready to ship £15 million Boticelli from the UK to Fort Worth's Kimbell Museum. At the last minute the director of the Scottish National Gallery managed to put the money together and... The Guardian 11/25/99
  •  ATLANTA SUGARPLUMS: Musicians of the Atlanta Ballet orchestra have been on strike for months. The company has decided to hire replacement musicians so its "Nutcracker" can go on. Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/24/99
    • And: Atlanta Symphony signs new contract with its musicians after three years of acrimonious negotiations. Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/24/99
  • SCAFFOLDING AND GREY PLASTIC SHEETING EVERYWHERE: Italy is cleaning up its architecture and monuments for the millennium. Too bad someone can't stop the cars and industrial pollution that got them dirty in the first place. ARTnewspaper.com 11/25/99
  • CELEBRATING AFRICAN AMERICAN DANCE: Two Ohio museums explore the influence African movement has had on American dance. Morning Edition (NPR) 11/24/99 [Real Audio sound clip]


  • OFF POINTE: New York City Ballet cancels opening night performance after musicians go out on strike. New York Times 11/24/99 (one time registration required)
  • REOPENING OF COVENT GARDEN begins with a closure. Ligeti opera canceled. BBC 11/24/99
  • WHEN APES MAKE ART: Observing apes paint can tell us something about the human impulse to make art. Chronicle of Higher Education 11/99
  • BRITAIN LOST AN ORCHESTRA LAST WEEK: Bournemouth Sinfonietta goes out of business due to money problems. Did anyone notice? London Telegraph 11/24/99
  • 100-FOOT NUTCRACKER: New IMAX version of holiday classic is big enough - but a chore to sit through. San Francisco Chronicle 11/24/99 
  • BUYING PICASSOS ONLINE: But how can you tell if it's a fake? Wired 11/23/99
  • MAJOR INDEPENDENT LABEL says it will offer free MP3 downloads of its entire music catalogue online. Wired 11/23/99
  • "SENSATIONAL?" Not really. Hardly anyone there. Another review of Brooklyn show. Boston Globe 11/24/99
  • DETROIT MUSEUM DEFENDS CLOSING DOWN SHOW: Anatomically-correct doll of Jesus wearing a condom is "offensive," say museum officials. Says artist: "I hear `postpone,' I hear `select and edit': I hear `censorship.' " Boston Globe 11/24/99
    • Previously: SENSATIONAL FALLOUT: The Detroit Institute of Arts shuts down a show only two days after opening out of fears of "offending the community." The artist is crying censorship. New York Times 11/23/99 (one time registration required)
      And: Closing show was new director's first official act since taking over.
      Detroit News 11/19/99
      And: Detroit museum director was former director of LA County Museum - had refused to book "Sensation" show there. Los Angeles Times 11/24/99
  •  THE "IDEAL PERFORMANCE IN YOUR HEAD:" Mahler performance with Boston orchestra is good, but... a review. Boston Globe 11/24/99
    • Previously: WALTER MITTY NEVER HAD IT GO GOOD: Millionaire businessman Gilbert Kaplan has a thing for Mahler's Second Symphony - though not a conductor, he decided he must conduct it, hired an orchestra and performed it, performed it again with major orchestras around the world, made a recording with the London Symphony Orchestra, created a foundation for Mahler scholarship and performance, and amassed a collection of every Mahler photograph, which he published in his book, ''The Mahler Album.'' Boston Globe 11/19/99
  • FROM ICON TO DIRTY WORD (AND BACK?): Norman Rockwell is hot again. New show tours blue-chip museums. And now a generous TV documentary reappraisal of Rockwell's stature -- Abstract Expressionism be damned. San Francisco Chronicle 11/24/99