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12/2 - interviews Travis Williams
- Real Audio/Video. Click on their
"Gametime" link to get it.


9/10 - Planet.Unreal interviews
Exec. Producer - Travis "Pax" Williams

Next Generation Online


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September 16, 1998

November 9, 1998

  • Hunt a large variety of game - 9 SPECIES IN TOTAL including White Tail, Goose, Duck, Turkey and Elk

  • Explore and Hunt across 4 U.S. regions in 3 different seasons - ALL IN DAZZLING 3-D

  • Utilize a wide selection of firearms including rifles, compound bows, shotguns and handguns

  • Choose from a selection of hunting gear and equipment - INCLUDING HUNTING DOGS

  • Select from four modes of play including Single Player Tournaments and Online Multiplayer Challenges

  • Receive tips from the pros and fill your trophy room. TNN Outdoors and Realtree hunters such as Bill Jordan offer expert advice to improve your play. You can even view tournament trophies and big game mounts in your personal trophy room