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Cold Comfort
This week on "The Real World": How do you solve a problem like Amaya? A savage dis-fest that makes "The Blame Game" look like "Rosie", that's how.


Andy Meets World
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The paper gives you papercuts. Get your weekly TV picks from Test Pattern. instead. Your fingers will thank you.

I'm not Amaya's biggest fan. She's annoying, worse than a tiny rock in the heel of your shoe. She baby-talks to guys while she slithers up to them. She clings worse than static. She cries and whines like the melodrama queen in a sixth-grade play. So, she's not the most perfect person in the world. But she certainly didn't deserve the treatment her fellow cast members — and the editors — gave her this week on "The Real World."

The Amaya-bashing has been building for a while, especially during the past few episodes, which have focused on her and her more annoying traits (never mind the weeks of Amaya and Colin cuddling we had to endure). This week, there was a subtle yet strong undercurrent of misogyny flowing through the episode, and it was coming from both sides of the camera.

The double standard has existed for a while, but after the second consecutive week of Amaya-portrayed-as-uncontrollable-tramp, it becomes obvious. Teck runs around town, picking up dozens of women, discarding them faster than tissue paper toilet seat covers. He comes off as a total player, but (wink wink) that's cool, 'cause he's a guy and that's what he's built to do, right? Yeah, man. Amaya, on the other hand, well, she's an ungainly slut for going after all of three guys in six months. The way the editors have presented the story, we could watch 22 whole minutes of Matt standing on a street corner in fishnet stockings, offering oral sex to everyone and anyone that walks by, and we'd still think him more restrained and dignified than Amaya. Again, Amaya isn't the poster child for likablity, but what did she do to deserve all of this?

Another of Colin's friends — desperate for some prime-time exposure for his chest — drops by, and hits it off with Amaya. The rest of the house, save Teck, jumps on Amaya's case, accusing her of slithering up to Tony just to make Colin jealous. Please: the guy sits at the table with her and eats cereal and reads Cosmo or some other women's magazine. It's obviously destiny.

But from here on out, hypocrisy and puppy-punting are the name of the game for the rest of the cast. It's always easy to pick on the weakest link, especially if that link is rusty and does things to make itself more vulnerable and inadequate. And Matt, Colin, Kaia and Ruthie pull out their chisels and start hammering away. There's something wretched and painfully ironic about the four of them discussing how evil Amaya is for backstabbing others and talking behind their backs. Since Amaya is the bitchy, cheap, pitiful whore who must be punished for her crimes against the four honorable saints, they're not doing anything wrong or hypocritical. Right?

Colin, while insisting that the time Tony and Amaya spend together "is not that big of a deal," says in almost the same breath that it's abhorrent because "Your best friend's already been there." Funny: suddenly, Amaya and Colin had a relationship — at least, now that it's convenient for Colin.

The woman bashing continues as Colin frets about Tony's "pathetic" behavior, which involves putting "women in front of his friends." It's not 2x4-to-the-temple obvious, but what Colin's really saying is that women are essentially toys men turn to for sex and amusement whenever their far superior, more significant guy friends aren't around. Not that someone who uses the phrase "anybody with a twig and berries" to refer to men deserves any serious consideration, but this is classic, '50s-era patriarchy manifested through a beefy, '90s teen idol wannabe. Which is rather sad, especially since Colin probably has and will forever have his pick of the desperate, weak women who will throw themselves at his studly feet.

Amaya turns to Ruthie, who turns out to be a fairly unsympathetic ear. After all, Amaya was snubbing Ruthie just a few short weeks ago. Ruthie's doesn't let her get away with it, but in the end, gives Amaya some good advice: "You gotta take care of yourself." But after her talk with Ruthie, when she tries to talk things out with the others, the situation continues to blow up.

"Hypocrisy" doesn't even begin to describe Matt's behavior at the end of the episode, when he tells Amaya to her face that "many individuals" in the house aren't happy with her. Seconds later, tells Kaia that "I said [to Amaya that] I'm tired of your negative attitude and I think that's the way the rest of the house feels." As if that unadulterated lie wasn't enough, he then says, in an interview, "She needs to learn a lesson: People will stop liking you if you continue to speak so negatively about everyone behind their back." Right, but betraying Ruthie — never mind the countless incidents where you took a breakfast-nook confession and then let it flow from your diarrhea mouth — was okay? Of course, both his lie and utter hypocrisy go unchecked, as usual. Probably because of the trance that crusty green shirt (which would send the Snuggle bear running for cover) has on everyone in his presence.

Watching Amaya be berated and taunted by the others — "You are not liked," says Colin — is almost too painful, especially since she looks horribly battered standing their, face drooping, arms limp. Maybe the four in question will see the episode and send Amaya flowers and their sincerest apologies for being such heartless pricks. We all know that an apology will occur precisely on the same day Matt changes his shirt, and even the impending millenium couldn't cause that to happen.

On a more happy note, next week is the end of the road, and it appears like it will be a rocky exit of the interstate Bunim-Murray, as Amaya is still detached from the group as everything wraps up, or, more appropriately, unravels. Just as Kaia was inching her way back into the Best (or maybe Most Tolerable) Cast Member spot, she goes and falls for Matt (!!) and even — stop reading if you're eating — kisses him. On the mouth. I almost needed Kleenex at the end of the Boston season. But next week, I'm pretty sure I'll need a handful of vomit bags.

Watching this season's "Real World" has helped Andy Dehnart develop the world's fastest gag reflex.

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