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Skimboarding News All the latest skimboarding news for you to browse.
Introduction Skim Online's introduction to the sport of skimboarding
History A brief history of skimboarding.
Skim Spots Information about, and directions to, skim spots around the world! (Total Spots = 98)  If your local break isn't here, Submit it!
Pro-files Background and general information about professional skimboarders.  Interviews coming soon.
Videos Information about all available skimboarding videos.
Skimming 101 A step-by-step beginners guide to getting on the board and preparing to ride a wave.
Skimming 201 The intermediate skimboarders step by step guide to doing a "wrap".
Skimming 301 An advanced skimboarders guide to doing an aerial.
Skimboarding Terminology Ever wonder what a "wrap" or a "sidewash" is?  Well here I will let you in on all the "super secret" skimboarding terms you ever wanted to know about.
Skimboarding Tricks and Moves Everything you wanted to know about everything from beginner tricks performed on the sand to the most advanced wave riding moves.
Skimboarding Tips All sorts of random tidbits of information.  Interesting and useful stuff!
Oceanic Tides Understanding the tides is critical to getting the best skim session.
Buyers Guide Buyers Guide to skimboards and skimboard accessories.
All About Skimboards Information about the different aspects of skimboard design and how they affect how the board rides.
Making Your Own Board How to make your own skimboard.
Pictures I have a feeling you that you can figure out what pictures are.
Gif Animation's A couple of rides you can watch on your computer.
Video Clips Some short skimboarding video clips for you to watch.
Skimboard Manufacturers Information and links.
Skimboarding Links Links to other skimboarding related pages on the net.
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skim-list A skimboarding discussion list handled through email.  Communicate with other skimboarders all over the world!
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