The Saga continues...

Zor and Antizor

As promised, some news on someone a few people have asked about. He goes under the name 'Antizor', although for the moment he has given himself the unlikely title of Vadim Kondratjeff! A bit of history first.

Antizor is actually a guy called Jack, who lives in a little village in Northern Finland. He is a crack fanatic and told me once he had over 40,000 cracks. Quite a few years ago, before the internet exploded onto the scene, he actually ran a thriving bulletin board that provided cracks to its users. Several people who visit Zor's Crack News were previously members of this bulletin board.

I used to correspond with Jack, or Beegee as he called himself, quite a lot in the past. He used to tell me about his other hobby, keeping detailed weather charts of the area of Finland he lives in. This hobby is related to the genuine email address he has,

As far as other email addresses go, he has a couple of freebies at, with the main one being Currently he's using a freebie at

Anyway, for many months Jack was a keen reader of Zor's Crack News and wrote me regular emails. Things changed however, when the very first discussion board was introduced. For some reason Jack was intent on making critical comments there directed towards others who made posts. I made many quiet suggestions to him about toning down his criticism, but was always met with the response 'well they started it - I'm only giving it back to them'.

It soon reached the point where he considered that any general posting, however innocuous, was a critical comment directed solely at him. It was strange behaviour, and a period of sustained, obscene posts followed. Most of which were deleted. I had many private discussions with him, but his line was always 'he started it. I'm not going to back down. I know that post was about me and I'm going to give as good as I get etc etc. It eventually degenerated into such things as fifty postings in a row of 'you are stupid', usually posted under the name "fucker".

After weeks of trying to settle him down, I ended up choosing the board over him, and blocked his ip (usually 194.89.15.*).

Jack of course felt that I should be taught a lesson. He started up his own 'antizor' web page looking for supporters. It was a nice piece of work, with several chat rooms, discussion boards etc. Unfortunately he didn't find any people who even bothered to comment, let alone support him, and I'm sure this put him off the rails even more.

His next move was to the anti-warez cat-soft mailing list. He made quite an impression as Antizor there, with his ranting and raving about Zor's Crack Links, the worst page on the net. Those of you who have subscribed to the list know that the regulars there like to have quiet philosophical discussions about copyright protection, and having this guy jump into the middle of them all, making frantic posts imploring people to email bomb me didn't go down so well. Eventually he said that everyone on the list could 'get fucked' and they responded by moderating the mail list to block his postings.

What he did next gave everyone a lot of amusement. He joined the mailing list under other addresses, and using the very distinctive way of writing he has (english is not his first language of course) he'd post messages along the lines of 'bring back Antizor, the great crack fighter. I am not him, but he is great guy'. The guys at cat-soft tolerated him, posting their own messages of 'well, at least he's some good entertainment for us all!' Eventually he outstayed his welcome and the list was moderated again to block his postings.

Somewhere along the way though, someone did pick up on one thing that Jack had said. Jack has no computer knowledge at all, and had no way of finding out where was hosted. All he could do was list the whois details, and it seems that one person took the ball and ran with it.

The cat-soft people by this time had noticed that this zor person whose name was being rammed down their throats was actually a member of their list, and cut me off, so from then on I was reliant on what other subscribers told me.

I heard that they tracked down to Hacker, who was hosting my page and all the other crack groups under, giving his name and the company he ran. I sent a number of urgent emails and icq messages to Hacker about this but got no response, so just kept the page going as usual. As I found out weeks after it happened, someone eventually went as far as putting Hacker's real name and phone number on the mailing list, and that led to a phone call to me at 4.30am from a certain well known Australian cracker! Ten minutes later I closed down the page and Hacker went out of the cracks business.

Retirement for me lasted all of three days though! People still sent me lots of interesting crack information and after the 200th email saying 'don't let these people win' the page was started up again - first as an 'unofficial site' hosted in Russia by a 'Russian supporter'. Then it was also hosted by Patched on his server.

Believe it or not, while all this was going on I was still in contact with Jack, trying to negotiate an end to his annoyance. Through this whole thing I was determined not to give him any publicity, and until now haven't explained the circumstances of his campaign to anyone. I always felt, and still do, that people don't come to the page to hear about this sort of stuff. But I realise now that a lot of people do feel a sense of ownership of Zor's Crack Links, and looking back I probably should have been a bit more forthcoming with information.

A couple of months ago Jack sent out another round of emails to a few places (I'll give an example of the email that he sends later so you can see how stupid they are). He sends them out in a spray gun approach to the hosts, redirectors etc of everyone connected with Zor's Crack News. Lot of wasted ammunition however, as the only person who got hit this time was Patched, who chose not to continue hosting the page or discussion board.

The next development was just a couple of weeks ago. After all this time Antizor finally found a supporter when someone with the name of rhoward posted a message on the board saying how appalling this Zor's Crack News page was. Jack was inspired by this to re-appear as Antizor and begged this person to get in touch with him. It appears that Rick at least knows a flake when he meets one, and there's no evidence that he did get in touch with Jack.

Incidentally, I believe rhoward is the same Rick Howard who has hassled other warez and crack pages in the past - he's from the Quarterdeck software company and has an email address there of

So after this disappointment Jack went back to his old method, sending a semi-literate, rambling email around the place. This time it had more of an effect than in the past, with several crack sites losing their home. Just take a look at what he writes, and TELL ME HOW ANYONE COULD TAKE AN EMAIL LIKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!!!

It came to my attention that Zor's Crack Links named website
on this url "http://zor*****" is offering a large number of url's to hackers/crackers groups which contain registration keys, serial numbers, and key generators, so software can be used without registering it.

Some digging showed your ISP/IP is is host for the IP address
http://zor***** and according to 'whois' you are the contact person for your ISP/IP.

In the case that i'm wrong, please correct me, and give some
possible advices to find the right person who is in response for
this zor site. This ZOR have bad reputation, he is an crack supporter, distributor and all his activity circle around cracks,
pirated softwares etc. etc. This ZOR site was closed down once allready by BSA ORGANIZATION earlier this year.

I am a shareware programmer, and make miscellanous softwares. Needless to say I would like to see this URL activity on ZORwebsite stopped.

I probably speak for many shareware authors when I say sites like ZOR's hurt us. Especially when considering shareware generallyoffers decent software for very little money. Making shareware is hard work, I spend much more than 40 hours a week on it. Seeing people steal it does not make me happy.

If this is not sufficient reason for you to pull the plug on
http://zor****, please consider that an Internet access provider is liable for "contributory copyright infringement" once the
violation has been pointed out. Don't take my word for it, but see what the Software Publishers Association has to say about this at

Please don't get me wrong: I will not go to court over this, but
i'll continue this progress until this bad url is closed and hope
you'll help me? If you can't help me in this, my only way to go
further and get more help to stop this site, is contacting SPA and BSA organizations. (I've allready reported all links to SPA/BSA, including your ISP, for furter actions)

Being a one man small private company it is not worth the cost nor effort,besides I am a strong believer in settling disputes by reason rather than enriching lawyers. I hope that by pointing the above out you will agree withme that the world is a better place without sites like this ZOR SITE's.

Please, keep me informed about your actions to correct this problem. Thank you for your consideration!

With kind regards,
Vadim Kondratjeff

Unbelievable!! And this was sent from a hotmail address!!

One of the sites affected by the email was GroundZero, and as they had kindly had offered me space on their server, I went down too.

Every day people ask me about the legality of cracks, and I always say that this is not the issue. When so many people can run for cover after just one complaint, even if it is as pathetic as the above, it amazes me. I'm not speaking about anyone in the crack world here, but free page hosts, redirector companies and the like. I'd love to play some of these guys at poker, as they obviously fall for any bluff.

The funny thing is, before Hacker hosted I was seriously considering paying for commercial hosting. I contacted five USA commercial hosts and told them straight - please visit this url, look at my page and tell me if you would be prepared to host it. Without exception, ALL FIVE COMPANIES SAID THEY WOULD HAVE NO DIFFICULTIES HOSTING ZOR'S CRACK LINKS!! It's quite unambiguous - Zor's Crack Links is completely legal!!! There are more crack links on any search engine you care to look at.

But of course paid hosting companies take a commercial view of things, rather than following the course of less resistance like most (but not all!) of their cousins in the freebie world.

That's the background up to the present day. But before detailing the current developments, I have to ask that this information NOT BE DISCUSSED PUBLICLY. My motives for this aren't solely altruistic - I can't afford Zor's Crack News to be thought of as 'too hot' to be associated with. I feel awful about others suffering because of this page, but still feel that if it wasn't Jack doing it then it would be someone else. Just goes with the territory I think.

So I'll summarise all the information I have below - if you want to do something with it or use your computing knowledge to assist, go ahead. And if you have any suggestions or input then please email me.

Before I do that, a public message (the first ever) to Jack, if he's reading this. The rules of the game have changed Jack! It's all out in the open now and I'm no longer in the situation of having to give in or keep quiet to protect others. Zor's Crack Links will continue in some form or another, I can promise you that. The only effect of all this work you've done over the past six months has been to change Zor's Crack Links from a password protected site with a small, static audience to a freely available page with multiple homes that's freely available to any visitor to the net. That suits me just fine. As crack pages have closed, more have started up to take their place. You might have won a few small battles, but as you can see you've lost the war. Zor's Crack Links is still going strong!! And like Bubba Zenetti discovered in his battle to keep his page going, some strong support springs from the most unlikely places!

OK, that's the last message to that asshole. To summarise then - Jack, or Antizor, is NOT connected with the software industry, but is a crack fanatic who is pissed off about something as petty as having his abusive postings posted on a discussion board deleted.

He hasn't used the email address for a while, so I'm not too sure about that one. But you could give him a call at the freebies if you want - is the best address (he values this one). Depending on the time of the day, a lot of his emails originate at the East UUsimaa Vocational Adult Education Centre,, so I guess he either works or teaches there. Their email address is Jack's usual IP address is and he uses as a service provider. Someone told me his real name months ago - perhaps whoever it was could send it to me again (was it you who told me Evalu8or?).

So what of the future? Well thanks has to go to those who have offered me space in the past few days. But it's not wise to go on anyone's personal server or jeopardise anyone's access to the internet by going on the space their ISP has offered them.

It'd be great to hear from any webmasters out there though who are prepared to call the bluff of this guy when they or their ISP get that semi-coherent email. Is anyone prepared to say loud and clear to whoever wants to know 'Zor's Crack News is entirely legal, so please don't hassle me!' If you could offer as little as 30k, or as much as half a megabyte, please give me a call.

But having said that, it's likely that at the moment any space would only be used as a backup or for the information page. The site is very secure where it is now! I'll say it again, Zor's Crack news is here to say, so please stop those emails saying 'I can't find your URL - have you closed down?'

The page will continue. It's not a life or death issue for me - I guess it just comes down to firstly stubborness, and secondly because this little cracking world is fun. But it's not my life. Real life is a wife and kids, and a job that is totally unrelated to computers. Everything to do with Zor's Crack News, because of the help I get from others, is able to be fitted into a couple of hours each evening. But it's a couple of hours I really enjoy! The page will end when I decide it ends, but that is something that is certainly not in the foreseeable future.

After talking about how Jack rambles on, I fear I'm guilty of that myself. Not worth saying any more - I've said all I can. Please remember that this is all background and is NOT news. I just felt I owed everyone an explanation.

To finish off, here's an excerpt from one of Jack's emails to me - hope you find it as funny as I still do! (Apologies to Mrs Zor, but it still makes me laugh!)

"Zor, you really bad fellow! Why can't you stop the crack supporting, can't you do something better than illegal things all the time? You must be twisted in your head when you go
on and on, you crack fanatic. I'll bet you talk crack things with your wife when you fucking too, that crack fanatic are you! You damn person, all you talk about is cracks."

What a lamer!!!


I dunno, even with this guy doing so much damage, I still find it hard to take him seriously. Why am I the only one who thinks this way though?? How on earth could people take any notice of his ravings?? Take a look at this for example, an email sent to somewhere the page was hosted:

Best Mr. xxx,

I've asked to remove this page from the start, because
it's internets biggest cracker supporter, and seems to
be the person who keeps this crackers together, by
publishing daily crackfile news etc. This person is
inspirate the crackers, of course they want to release
the software cracks first, and get their cracksite links
listed on zor's crack links page!
This user is removed once about BSA in the beginning of
this year, and he is continuing this activity all the
time. You may not guess why BSA closed this page, so i'm
asking you to not support zor's crack links/news by give
him a homepage, it's taste like supporting to me?
I good taste, xxx should not support this kind of activity,
or i'm not buy my next computer from xxx:)
P.S I'm sorry if i'll write about wrong things, because
i haven't seen the report i've sent you?

With kind regards,
Vadim Kondratjeff

Last night Jack fired off a few emails in response to the page you're reading. The first was to me, and inbetween threats and obscenities he let slip something very interesting - "Here comes some "real" facta, real name is not antizor"

OK, so now we know!

This page was originally put on Internettrash (quite fitting) and of course they were next in line. The guys there were so amused they even sent his two emails to me, saying 'what the hell is he on about?????'

The first email he sent to them read:

I've found a bad page with telling lies and
bad info about me!
I've sometimes try to stop crackers, and this
is a kind of "payback" on this pages text, it
mostly lies, but i want this page removed

You maybe know this crackers and pirates on
internet, and when you're doing something that
remove their page, or made an report to anti-piracy
organizations, they don't feel it's right and start
a hunting after you in this style they've published
a crap page about you! They spam your mail, write
hundredths of mail in which reads "fuck you lamer" etc.

I which you remove this page immediately, because it's
about me, and i've not given a permission to publish
this kind of wrong info!
The page is on your server, using this url:

As you can observe the .html file name tell you
everything? This zor is one of the biggest crack supporter
on internet, he collect all this cracker groups and links
their sites on his daily news based homepage on this url:
take a look on this?

Anyway, e-mail me about this, but remove this page!

The Victim of abuse!

When they didn't immediately jump to attention, he fired off a second one:

Best Mr. Hostmaster, Langtech


I'll send a copy of my connect to my lawyer, so you can
see this is true!

Oooh, heavy! He's a real excitable guy...In appreciation of them sharing a laugh with me I put this page on another server.

And a reader pointed out that Jack's original mishmash of an email was itself a cut, paste and stuff around job from his ex-mates at cat-soft.

OK, so where do we go from here....Well first of all, if any crack webmasters get an email with a header of

Received: by from ( daemon;
Received: from (HELO avenet) ( by

then you'll know who it's from.

As for what all the readers of Zor's Crack News can do, I just hope with the power of numbers we can persuade this guy to stop his childish campaign. It's having an effect already......

Thanks for your support!!