Women Loving Women in Herstory

September 21, 1999

"There's no one to hear. You might as well scream.
They never woke up from the american dream.
And they don't understand what they don't see.
And they look through you and they look past me."
--- from Nowhere To Go by Melissa Etheridge

This site is intended for those 18 and over!

Please make sure that you read my Before You Go On... page before continuing on to the actual herstories as I feel that it will increase not only your enjoyment of this page, but also your understanding of lesbians and bisexual women in herstory.

If you have proof that anything contained here is in any way incorrect or if you have proof of a lesbian or bisexual woman in herstory that is not listed here, please let me know!

IMPORTANT! I have removed all probably and known f2m persons from this herstory project. This is in no way an indication of disapproval but rather a move out of respect for their true gender (male). However, I do hope to include m2f lesbian/bisexual identifed women in the future as the information becomes available to me. If you have any such information (along with PROOF), please let me know. In the mean time, after learning about the women loving women in herstory I have listed in this project, please take a few minutes to learn more about the ts/tg/intersex persons of the past as well. They were and are also invaluable members of our society and deserve to be remembered. Please visit 20th Century TS/TG/Intersex History.

Name Index of Women Loving Women

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Addams, Jane
Allen, Paula Gunn
Allender, Nina
Arnold, June
Awbrey, Mary


Barnes, Djuna
Barney, Natalie
Barret, Rev. Ellen Marie
Bates, Katharine Lee
Batten, Mabel
Beck, Evelyn Torton
Beecher, Catherine
Behn, Aphra
Ben, Lisa
Berson, Ginny
Berzon, Betty
Biaggi, Christina
Biren, Joan E.
Birtha, Becky
Blackbridge, Persimmon
Bogus, S. Diane
Bond, Pat
Bonnett, Jeanne
Bonny, Anne
Bookstaver, May
Bordon, Lizzie
Boyle, Elizabeth
Brady, Maureen
Brown, Antoinette
Brown, Rita Mae
Brundidge, Miss (first name unknown)
Budapest, Z
Bunch, Charlotte


Cameron, Barbara
Cammermeyer, Grethe
Canaan, Andrea Ruth
Carangi, Gia
Casal, Mary
Case, Luella J. B.
Cather, Willa
Christian, Meg
Clackum, Fannie Mae
Clark, Jil
Clark, Karen
Clarke, Cheryl
Clayton, Frances Louise
Coman, Katherine
Cook, Blanche Wiesen
Cordova, Jeanne
Corinne, Tee A.
Craven, Rhonda
Cushman, Charlotte
Cypher, Julie


Daly, Mary
Davies, Rosalie
Davis, Madeline
DeBlanc, Dawn
Degeneres, Ellen
Delaria, Lea
Desmoines (Ellenberger), Harriet
Dickinson, Emily
Difranco, Ani
Divelbess, Diane
Doolittle, Hilda
Dykewomon, Elana


Edel, Deb
Edgarton, Sarah
Ellerman, Winifred
Etheridge, Melissa


Farmer, Frances
Feldman, Maxine
Flanner, Janet
Fonfa, Gundrun
Foster, Jeannette
Foster, Lillian
Fuller, Margaret


Gammater, Martha
Gardner, Kay
Gearhart, Sally
Gilhooly, Sheila
Gidlow, Elsa
Gittings, Barbara
Goldman, Emma
Goode, Edith
Grahn, Judy
Gregg, Frances Josepha
GrimkÚ, Angelina Weld
Griswold, Mabel
Gwinn, Mary


Haley, Leisha
Hall, Radclyffe
Hammer, Barbara
Hampton, Mabel
Harris, Bertha
Haynes, Mabel
Heche, Anne
Hickok, Lorena
Hindle, Annie
Hodges, Beth
Hull, Gloria T.
Hull, Hellen R.



Joseph, Gloria I.


Klepfisz, Irena
Kuda, Marie J.


Lacey-Baker, Majory
lang, k.d.
Laporte, Rita
Levy, Donna
Lorde, Audre
Lowell, Amy
Luhan, Mabel Ganson Dodge
Lutz, Alama
Lyon, Phyllis


Makkwis˙, Masahay
Marbury, Elizabeth
Marks, Jeannette
Martin, Del
Matthison, Wynne
McCray, Chirlene
McDaniel, Judith
McHale, Kathryn
Mew, Charlotte
Millay, Edna St. Vincent
Miller, Isabel
Mitchell, Alice
Moraga, Cherrie
Morgan, Ffiona
Morgan, Mary
Moukcsay, Zsusanna Emese
Mountaingrove, Jean
Mountaingrove, Ruth


Navratilova, Martina
Nelson, Judy
Nestle, Joan
Nicholson, Catherine
Noble, Elaine
Noble, Vicki
de Nyevelt, Baroness Helee de Zuylen


O'Hare, Kate
Oliveros, Pauline
O'Neil, Nance
Owen, Anne


Parker, Pat
Paul, Alice
Perry, Linda
Philip, Katherine Fowler
Phillips, Lena Madesin
Pound, Ezra
Powel, Betty


Quintanales, Mirtha
Ququrok patke


Rainey, Gertrude "Ma"
Read, Mary
Renfro, Marie
Reyes, Consuelo
Rich, Adrienne
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Routsong, Alma
Russel, Ada
Ryan, Annie


Sackville-West, Vita
Sampson, Lillian
Sanders, Helen
Sayers, Dorothy
Seward, Anna
Shilleto, Violet
Simos, Miriam
Sinclair, May
Sirius, Jean
Sj÷÷, Monica
Sloan-Hunter, Margaret
Smith, Barbara
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Beverly
Smyth, Dame Ethel Mary
Smith, Marguerite
Sperry, Almeda
St. Cloud, Tiffani
Stein, Diane
Stein, Gertrude
Stone, Lucy


Tarn, Pauline Mary
Taylor, Valerie
Taylor, Willa
Thomas, M. Carey
Thompson, Dorthy
Thompson, Ella
Toklas, Alice
Troubridge, Una
Tsao, Wu
Turner, Kay
Tyler, Robin



Vaughn, Cara
Vernon, Mabel
Villarosa, Linda
Vivien, Renee


Wald, Lillian
Walker, Alice
Ward, Freda
Wells, Agnes
Wilder, Frances
Willson, Mary Ann
Winant, Fran
Winsloe, Christa
Wittig, Monique
Woo, Merle
Wood, Elsie
Woolf, Virginia
Woolley, Mary
Wright, Alice Morgan



Young, Ivy
Young, Mary


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