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Table of Contents:
A Little Introduction to the Shifting FAQ If you've never been to the Shifting FAQ before, please read this first.  This contains some inside information, and the "questions" that make this a true FAQ.
Types of Weres Or WereBreeds This is the current running list of the 'types' of weres that have frequented the various "Were" resources.
Shifting/awereness terms and beings. Here's the real meat of the FAQ.  This lists the kinds of shifts and other terms readily used by weres.
Commentaries on Awereness and Shifting Here are a few essays and scripts gathered from various sources that provide excellent accounts of "Awereness".  Now holds the essays written about Shifter's Disease, Doubter's Syndrome, and Walk-In information.
Other Shifting Resources The Shifting FAQ is not the "end all" source for information.  Here's a list of other well known and very informative pages that can help out weres looking for more information. 
P-Shift IRC Channel and Mailing List Info Want to talk more about shifting with others?  Follow this link for more info on the IRC channel and the mailing list.

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