Charles Darwin's Final Moments

Evolutionists would be very surprised to know that Charles Darwin regained his faith in God's words. Many people have repented and regretted their lifetime deeds in the final moments of their lives. They realized that they would soon meet God the Almighty. One of them was the famous originator and proponent of the theory of Evolution, Charles Darwin. The following story was recounted by Lady Hope from Northfield, England. She was a graceful Christian who accompanied Darwin in the last days of his life.

One memorable evening in the fall, I was invited to visit Professor Darwin, who for the last few days had been lying in his bed. Usually, whenever I saw him in his mellow mood, I always thought that his picture would be a magnificent collectible item for the British Academy of Art. At that moment, that thought appeared even stronger than ever in my mind. He was sitting upright on his bed wearing a soft scarlet kimono. His back propped up by a pillow, he was gazing out through the window towards the wheat fields and woods bathed by the light of the setting sun. His gentle face brightened when I entered the bedroom. He motioned his hand towards the window and pointed at the beautiful view outside while his other hand was holding an open Bible which he always read.

"What are you reading?" I asked. "Hebrews," he replied. He commented a little while pointing his index finger at a verse. Then I mentioned other people's opinions on Genesis. He seemed troubled. He trembled a little. His facial expression was depressingly gloomy when he said,"At that time I was a young man with immature ideas. I generated and disseminated questions and assumptions about many things. I was amazed to see how my ideas flamed and spread like a wild fire. People adopted them as a new religion."

He paused for a while. Then after a few testimonies to God's Grace and Glory, he looked at the Bible he was holding firmly. Suddenly he said,"I have a summer resort house in the garden. It can accommodate 30 people. I would like you to give a sermon in that house. I know that you have been directing Bible studies in the villages. Could you please speak in front of the employees and the neighbors tomorrow?"

"What should I talk about?" I asked. "Jesus Christ's redemption of sinners. Isn't it the best topic? Then I would like you to sing a few hymns with them," he replied. His face brightened and he looked very happy. That was a sight which I will never forget. "If you start the session at three o'clock in the afternoon, this window will be open and you'll know that I will be singing along with you," he added.

Is there any event more impressive than that? Darwin, full of spirit in his defense of the Bible, spoke zealously about God's messages. This reminds us of the modern evolutionist movement in theology which hurts the Church and weakens the faith of its members. Darwin with a guilty and fearful look regretted all that by saying, "At that time I was a young man with immature ideas." Darwin's attitude at the end of his life presents a challenge to the evolutionists.

Original Source : Het Zoeklicht magazine. Translated into english by SVDB