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Global Hell Bankrolled?
Monday, September 6, 1999 at 1:56:13
by John Vranesevich - Founder of AntiOnline

Last year, AntiOnline did an extensive report about a man known as "Khalid Ibrahim", who purported to be a terrorist-like-agent living in New Delhi, India. Khalid had sent "Chameleon", a hacker based in California, $1,000 in exchange for what the hacker claimed were maps of SiprNet, the US's classified military network (although chameleon admits to taking the money, he asserts that he then stiffed Khalid by not handing over the maps).

After that story, several other news organizations began investigating this mysterious "Khalid Ibrahim", including Wired News, who did a 4 page story detailing incidents surrounding this man.

Recently, as part of its constant "intelligence gathering" of the hacker underground, AntiOnline obtained logs of conversations between aka ne0h, a member of Global Hell, and aka Virus, the alias for a man that AntiOnline has determined to be that very same "Khalid Ibrahim".

Ne0h, who along with his fellow Global Hell members, mindphasr and Zyklon (who are both currently facing federal charges), has broken into dozens of sites, including sites run by organizations ranging from the White House to the US Army and, apparently most important to Khalid, sites run by the Pakistani Government.

According to the logs, which AntiOnline obtained from two separate and trusted sources close to Global Hell (gH), Khalid provided a list of sites which he wanted ne0h and his fellow gH member mindphasr, to break into. In exchange, Khalid would pay the group for any data that they recovered:

ne0h to Khalid:
once I am aware of the shipment.. ill contact you. and you can start giving me sites to hack. I am then aware that you are as legit as you seem, and I will work for you.

Ne0h then provided Khalid with a "drop point" to send the money to (several different monetary amounts are mentioned through-out the conversation), and had asked that the letter be sent to "Area Supervisor". AntiOnline has traced that address, which is in El Cajon, California, back to a Little Caesar's Pizza Shop. AntiOnline placed a call to the Little Ceasar's corporately owned office and found that the "Area Supervisor" at that location is a Mr. Joshua Butler. According to Butler, who has only been working at that location for a month and a half, the "Area Supervisor" who was working there in May-June, the time when these conversations took place, was a man named Chris. Chris apparently quit his job sometime in July. AntiOnline was unable to contact him for comment before this story was filed.

Mindphasr, who was apparently on the phone with ne0h at the time this conversation was taking place, appeared to be discussing ideas with ne0h on how the three of them could work best together without the fear of getting caught, including using cloned cellular phones to dial into local ISPs.

Since our first report last year, AntiOnline has obtained logs and transcripts of conversations between "Khalid Ibrahim" and over a dozen other hackers.

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