Latest Version: MEX v2.0 / MC v1.10

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What Is MultiEx?
It is a DOS/WIN98-based tool for anyone of you wanting to extract from and import files into socalled datafiles, which come with numerous of programs... You all will remember for instance that DOOM had *.WAD files, in which
all data was contained. And take a look at HALF LIFE for example, this game has the *.PAK files in which all data is contained.
MultiEx already supports a lot of formats (support.txt, +40!)

-What more can YOU do with MULTIEX?

With MULTIEX you can also extract/import files from practically any datafile you encounter that is not yet supported by MEX,
providing you create the needed INI-file for the format. MULTIEX reads preset formatfiles (see for example PAK.INI and WAD.INI in the config directory), and then is readily able to extract files from it. In other words, YOU tell MULTIEX what the format of the datafile of interest is like and save it in a INI-format. After that is done, you are ready to extract and import files! So all in all MULTIEX is a programmable file extractor/importer.

-What is the MultiEx Commander?

This is the filehandling tool that commands MultiEx. With this you need not give command line arguments to MultiEx itself, you just select your datafile and press enter to view the datafile as yet another directory. You can select the files you want to extract/import and let MC handle the rest. Simple eh?
Just view the screenshots and see for yourself.

When you download the zip file, you get:
-MultiEx v2.0,
-MultiEx Commander V1.10
-Documents on both MEX and MC.

Just run SETUP after you unzip the files.(RECURSE FOLDERS)

Please mail any bugs or suggestions to me! Mr.Mouse

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