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(Pronounced  In - Fee)

The Recipe For The Perfect Steel      

More than ten years of research have gone into the development of our new steel known as INFI.  Many of the top metallurgists in the country were interviewed and surveyed to discover what they believed would constitute the "perfect" knife steel.  Many common denominators were established and when the smoke cleared, the analysis was in hand.  INFI is this steel and it offers an unparalleled combination of edge holding and toughness.  Coupled with our proprietary Transversion Wave tempering Busse Combat has attained a level of performance that has become synonymous with the term "indestructible".  As the performance graphs demonstrate, INFI constitutes a knifemaker's dream steel and what we have found to be the perfect steel / tempering combination for our knives.
      Unlike many "mystery" steels that have been introduced in the past, INFI has a particular analysis that is unlike any other steel on the market.  In the not too distant future, we will be unveiling the analysis of INFI.  It should be known that a select number of people from the cutlery and metallurgy fields have been selected to sign confidential disclosure forms, and review the analysis.  All agree that this steel is like no other, and almost defies the laws of what most understand to be true about knife metallurgy.  We believe that once you see the analysis and understand the science behind the steel, you will likewise, be shocked.  INFI will certainly have a dramatic effect on the high performance knife industry.  Plans are already being worked out to make INFI available to selected custom knifemakers. 

P.S.  We are already hard at work trying to design a new steel that will make INFI obsolete.

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