Dr. Robert Maguire

Dr. Robert Maguire has been involved with the Caribbean for over three decades through his work as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Dominica (1969-72) and subsequently at the Inter-American Foundation, the Foreign Service Institute, and Johns Hopkins, Brown and Georgetown Universities. As Representative for Caribbean Programs at the Inter-American foundation, a US Government agency, he oversees a portfolio of grants to non-governmental organizations involved in programs that mobilize resources and confront issues of poverty and underdevelopment, principal communities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. A key element of these programs is the formation and strengthening of partnerships and alliances among civil society organizations, the business sector, and local public officials.

Dr. Maguire has written extensively on Haiti, with a focus on issues of development, security and state/civil society relations. He is the principal author of Haiti Held Hostage: International Responses to the Quest for Nationhood, 1986-1996 (Watson Institute for International Studies and the United Nations University, 1996). Following his service in Dominica as a Peace Corps volunteer, he earned an MA in Latin American Studies from the University of Florida and a Ph.D. in Geography from McGill University