Here it is....Update after UFC XXII and Pride 7
Not too many changes. Kerr and Igor fight was awesome! Erickson is coming back! Barreto wins again! Tank is a wrestler now Ruas retires!
Frank shines again! Sakaraba is awesome Silva wins! Henderson is back and out of RAW! Horn is getting better and better!
Not too much action! Shooto events! A new division in UFC. But we did not get to see the fight! But I heard Jens Pulver is a stud!

Heavyweights (over 200)
1)Igor Vovchanchin
2)Mark Kerr
3) Randy Couture
4) Tom Erikson
5) Pedro Rizzo
6)Pete Williams
7)Carl„o Barreto
8)Enson Inoue
10)Kevin Randleman

Honorable mention
Ron Waterman
Ricardo Morias
Gary Goodridge
Vernon "White Tiger"
Vladimir Matyushenko
Maurice Smith

Middleweights (under 200)
1) Frank Shamrock
2t) Vanderlei Silva
2t)Kazushi Sakuraba
3)Bas Rutten
4)Vitor Belfort

5)Dan Henderson
7) Tito Ortiz
8) Ebeneezer Braga
9)Carlos Newton
10)Jeremy Horn

Honorable mention
Matt Hughes
Murilo Bustamante
Alan Goes
Jerry Bohlander
Paul Jones

Lightweights (under170)
1) Royler Gracie
2)Hayato Sakurai
3)Kaoru Uno
4)Pat Miletich
5) Rumina Sato
6) Johil de Oliviera
7) Renzo Gracie
8) Mike Burnett
9) Andre Pedernaris
10t) Frank Trigg
10t) Royce Gracie
Honorable mention
Jens Pulver
John Lewis

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