Kasparov vs. the World

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Oktober 22

Game over:

The World resigns - Kasparov declares mate in 25
Quote from MSn-zone:

'At move 10 I congratulated The World on a great opening novelty, and to that I would like to add it was a phenomenal middlegame, a crazy human endgame - six passed pawns! - and now we have a computerised queen and pawn ending of mathematical precision. Within our game we have covered all the elements of modern chess. I thank The World for a great fight.

By the way, The World made several inaccuracies in the queen and pawn ending, it was very difficult to play, but after 56...d5 (probably the final decisive mistake) 57 Qd4+, the game was already lost. Although 58...Qf5 was more stubborn than 58...Qe4, it too would have led to defeat as I will show later.

I look forward to our post mortem when the game concludes.'

Garry Kasparov, 20th October, London.