Friday the 13th
The Series

Episode guide from Epi-Log magazine #9

Season One

The Inheritance

The lives of young Micki Foster and Ryan Dallion are changed forever when they inherit an antique store from a long-lost uncle. Arriving to inspect the property, Micki is dismayed by its dilapidated condition, while her cousin Ryan delights in the challenge of rebuilding the business. But before long, Micki's will prevails and the eerie contents of the shop go up for sale. The items sell quickly, but Micki and Ryan are surprised by the unexpected appearance of Jack Marshak, a former supplier of rare artifacts to their departed Uncle Lewis. Jack leads them to an astonishing discovery: hidden beneath the floorboards of the shop is a manifest, which reveals their uncle had made a pact with the devil! Apparently, every antique in the store carries a deadly curse. Horrified, the cousins realize they must retrieve each item sold before the owners meet with evil "accidents."

The Poison Pen

Jack becomes alarmed when he recognizes an unusual quill pen in a newspaper photo as one of the cursed objects sold by Ryan and Micki's late Uncle Lewis. Holding the pen is Brother Currie, a monk notorious for correctly "predicting" the future. Realizing that whatever is written by the poison pen will come to pass, Micki and Ryan must act quickly to prevent brotherly love from turning to unholy death. Disguised as visiting monks, the two cousins enter the ancient monastery, where they muddle through a maze of hidden torture chambers and secret passages, to search for the mysterious pen and the motive behind the deadly prophecies.

Cupid's Quiver

When a young woman is murdered, her killer swears he was driven to the deadly deed by "Cupid." His strange confession immediately arouses the suspicions of Micki, Ryan and Jack. They believe the man must have somehow gained possession of the Cupid of Malek, a hideous deformed statue first sold at their antique store four years ago. If their hunch is correct, the evil Cupid could very well have driven a sane man to commit murder. It seems the statue holds a mysterious power: it can draw women to its owner, but once declarations of love are spoken, each owner is compelled to kill his paramour. And until the Cupid is returned to the antique shop's crypt, no woman is safe.

A Cup of Time

Jack suspects that recent murder victims may have been strangled by Swapper's Ivy, a mysterious 13th-Century plant that, according to legend, can be used to barter for anything the heart desires. Although the ivy is believed to be extinct, a check of the antique store's manifest reveals that a teacup with a strange ivy border had been sold by the shop. The murders are especially alarming for Jack's friend Birdie, a social worker worried about the disappearance of one of her elderly clients, Sarah Burrell, Micki and Ryan share her concern when they discover that the cursed teacup was sold to Sarah's brother.


The Halloween activities at the Curious Goods antique shop are interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected guest, whose presence is heralded by unearthly winds, falling plaster, bloodcurdling moans and a stampede of fleeing partygoers. While Jack is lured into escorting a lost girl home to her parents, Micki and Ryan enter the basement to investigate. There, wrapped in a shroud of fog, the mysterious visitor turns out to be the ghost of their late Uncle Lewis, returning from the depths of hell. Uncle Lewis convinces them that he has returned to undo the shop's curse, but he is really looking for an amulet that will give him the power to be reborn.

The Great Montarro

Amateur magician Jack is dismayed to read about the accidental death of "Fahteem the Magnificent." Fahteem had gained renown for the most controversial magic trick of the trade, "The Coffin of Blood." In it, dozens of steel spikes were driven through the coffin, yet Fahteem had always escaped death. His obituary reveals that Fahteem's real name was Harvey Ringwald, and a quick check of the manifest shows that Ringwald purchased an unusual item from the shop: the Houdin box. Ryan, Micki and Jack head to a theatre in the hopes of learning who acquired Ringwald's possessions. There, they are startled to discover that a magician named "The Great Montarro" is planning to win the contest by performing "The Coffin of Blood" act.

Doctor Jack

A "Jack-the-Ripper" style murder shocks the city, and mystifies witnesses who report that the murder weapon not only slashed the victim, but through solid iron bars as well! A suspicious Jack checks the manifest and discovers that an antique surgical scalpel had been sold by the shop. It was purchased by Dr. Howlett, a flamboyant surgeon dubbed "The Miracle Man" for his remarkable success rate with hopeless cases. Learning that Dr. Howlett had recently joined the staff of the local hospital, Micki, Ryan and Jack decide to pay him a visit. Arriving at the hospital, the trio foils an attempt on Howlett's life by Jean Flappen, a woman who claims Howlett murdered her daughter. Indeed, Flappen's purse contains newspaper clippings of brutal murders in the cities where Howlett has practicecd. The group realizes that the cursed scalpel is an instrument of life and death: it saves ony after it has been used to take lives.

Shadow Boxer

When gym owner Manny King is found murdered, his widow contacts Curious Goods to sell his belongings, which include an impressive collection of boxing memorabilia. Jack recalls that Manny purchased a valuable pair of boxing gloves from Uncle Lewis that once belonged to "Killer" Ken Kelsey. In examining the collection, Jack notices that the gloves are missing, and begins to wonder about the circumstances of Manny's death. At Manny's gym, a down-and-out boxer named Tommy Dunn suddenly begins bragging about his punching prowess. No one takes him seriously until he enters the ring and obliterates his opponent. Watching from the stands, Micki realizes that he is wearing the missing gloves. But when she, Jack and Ryan try to gain possession of the gloves, the boxer Dunn begins to stalk his prey, planning to murder the three for interfering.

Root of All Evil

Ryan, Micki and Jack are mystified by an unopened letter found in Uncle Lewis' desk. Postmarked the day after his death, the letter contains a cryptic message, and a crisp one hundred dollar bill, dated 1932. Using the postmark as a clue, the trio sets off to find the sender. The cursed item turns out to be a portable mucher, but the group learns that the original owner is now in a mental institution, suspected of murdering his wife. While snooping about his home, Ryan finds a crisp ten dollar bill, also dated 1932, and discovers that the mulcher was sold to a gardener named Smitty at the Harrington mansion. But Smitty's assistant has found out that if someone is murdered and put through the mulcher, the machine gives back fresh currency in exchange, and begins murdering to obtain a fortune.

Tales of the Undead

While browsing in his favorite book store, Ryan witnesses an unbelievable event. The store's proprietor is killed by a creature Ryan swears is Ferrus, the half-man, half-monster hero of the "Tales of the Undead" comics. Clutching a rare issue of the comic book, the creature knocks Ryan unconscious and runs from the store. Micki checks the manifest and discovers that an unnamed magazine was purchased by Uncle Lewis from Jay Star, creator of Ferrus and the "Tales of the Undead" stories. Although the comic was a best seller, Star had dropped out of sight, and was presumed dead. Using the address found in the manifest, Ryan goes in search of his idol, but finds a broken old man, bitter about how he was cheated out of a fortune after his characters were bought off by a huge publishing company. When the artist finds out about the cursed comic, he goes in search of it himself to obtain revenge against the publishing company.


In an effort to recover more of the missing antiques, Micki and Ryan send out mailers, and are pleased when they get a reply asking them to retrieve a scarecrow that was purchased by their uncle. When they arrive at the farmhouse address on the envelope, owner Charles Cobean denies having sent the letter, and claims that the scarecrow burned up in a fire years ago. Knowing the cursed antiques cannot be destroyed, Micki and Ryan decide to snoop around. They are befriended by Marge Longaker, owner of the local inn, who offers them lodging while they are in town. Cobean's wife, Tudy attempts to contact Micki, but before she can reveal her story, a horrified Micki witnesses her murder, and claims that the woman was beheaded by a scarecrow wielding a scythe.

Faith Healer

A bogus healer named Stewart Fishoff finds an old glove in an alley. To his astonishment, he discovers that it holds the miraculous power to absorb afflictions and transfer them to others. But unless the glove quickly touches another person, the ailment is turned back on the wearer. Using the glove, Fishoff reaches dizzying heights of fame, enabling the crippled to walk, the blind to see, and the deaf to hear... all while secretly causing the deaths of innocent people. Catching his show on televison, Jack recognizes the glove as an item from the antique store, and begins to understand the true nature of Fishoff's "miracles."

The Baron's Bride

Micki and Ryan are on the trail of a mysterious cape, whose devilish power makes the wearer irresistible to women. But when they track it down to the house of Marie Simmons, they find instead a snarling vampire attacking a drifter named Frank Edwards. In the struggle, both Micki and Frank are cut, and drops of blood fall on the cape's diamond clasp. At that instant, Micki, Frank, and Ryan are magically transported back in time to 19th century London. Frank flees with the cape, leaving a disoriented Micki and Ryan on the streets. Discovering the odd looking couple, newlyweds Abraham and Caitlin offer them a place to stay. That night, a waman is brutally murdered, and the enraged townspeople stalk the town for a killer. Meanwhile, Micki falls under a vampire's spell, leaving Ryan with the awesome task of trapping the vampire, retrieving the cape, and getting himself and Micki back to the 20th century.


After a struggle on the city's docks, Ryan and Jack are successful in retrieving a lantern with evil powers. Jonah, the lantern's owner, has used it to find millions of dollars in buried treasure, and is determined to get it back. He overhears Ryan and Jack discuss plans to lock it in their vault, and uses their license plate to track down the address of the antique shop. With the item locked safely away, Ryan and Jack take off for an astrologer's convention. Micki agrees to babysit for a friend's son, and the two are alone in the store when a violent storm hits, knocking out communication lines throughout the city. Disguised as telephone repairman, Jonah and his accomplice, Tom, gain entry to the antique shop, thus beginning the longest and most terrifying night of Micki's life.

Vanity's Mirror

A case of sibling rivalry goes out of control when homely Helen Mackie develops a serious crush on her sister Joanne's boyfriend, Scott. Although boys have never paid any attention to Helen, she suddenly discovers that the strange silver compact she found has the power to convince men that she is beautiful. After years of rejection by her high school peers, Helen uses the power of the cursed compact on two students - first causing blind adoration, then their death. By the time Micki and Ryan reach the school to get the compact back, a deadly revenge plot against Joanne and Scott is already in motion.


With debts mounting and creditors impatient, compulsive gambler Tommy Chen is in dire need of a lucky break. It comes when he accidentally discovers the secret to gambler Hai Kwan's unbroken winning streak: before gambling, Kwan tattoos an innocent victim with antique Oriental tattoo needles. Then, while Kwan places his bets, the tattoo comes alive on its victims and kills them. With each death, Kwan's winnings multiply. Desperate to change his luck, Tommy kills Kwan and steals the mysterious needles. That night, Tommy's grandfather, Lom Chen, finds the box containg the needles. Lem Chen tracks the needles to the antique store and phones Jack, Micki and Ryan. But before the three can arrive, Tommy leaves with the needles to kill again.

The Electrocutioner

After jolts of electricity surge through his body, accused murderer Eli Pittman is declared dead. But then, to the horror of Warden Hobbs and other witnesses, the man's hands begin to twitch. Believing that a man already declared dead cannot be executed twice, prison officials hastily dispatch Pittman to a mental hospital. With the passage of time, the prison's electric chair falls into the hands of Uncle Lewis, who in turn, sells it to a dentist named Dr. Lindheim. Unbeknownst to anyone, Lindheim is really Eli Pittman, who was released from the mental institution after another man confessed to his crime. Now Lindheim uses his new purchase in his dental practice, but with a shocking twist when he uses the chair to electrocute young patients.

Brain Drain

Deep within the Museum of Science and Natural History, Dr. Vincent Robeson shows a colleague a bizarre device, known as the trephinator. The antique gadget allegedly has the power to transfer intelligence from one person to another, though all known subjects of the experiment have died. Unbeknownst to Dr. Robeson, a retarded man named Stewart Pangborn is listening intently to the trephinator discussion. Minutes later, frustrated with his disability, Pangborn knocks Robeson unconscious, straps him to the donor chair, and presses the buttons. Meanwhile, Micki, Ryan and Jack show up at the museum, where they learn that Robeson is dead, and that his assistant, "Dr. Pangborn" has taken over his research.

The Quilt of Hathor pt. I

To retrieve a deadly patchwork quilt, Micki and Ryan disguise themselves as members of a strict religious sect, the Penitites. Although the quilt was stolen from its original owner, Sarah Good, they believe that the quilt has remained with the Penitite community. Their worst suspicions are confirmed when two Penitite women die under mysterious circumstances during their undercover visit. They begin to suspect that Effie, a dowdy, bitter spinster, is using the quilt's power to kill off all rivals for the affections of Penitite leader, Reverend Josiah Grange.

The Quilt of Hathor pt. II

Micki returns to Curious Goods, only to find that the quilt she brought back from the Penitite Community is a fake. The real quilt is still in the hands of the evil Effie, who will stop at nothing to win Josiah's hand in marriage. In the meantime, Effie has caused the death of another woman, although the outraged community blames Ryan, the only outsider in the tight-knit group, for all the misfortunes that have plagued them. Ryan finally decides to tell the truth about Effie's evil quilt, but another girl still dies.

Double Exposure

Televison anchorman Winston Knight is getting his highest ratings ever, since the "Machete Murderer" reveals his most recent killings on Knight's newscast. Although the police are stumped by the slayings, the public is morbidly fascinated with Knight's exclusive access to the killer, whose multiple murders have gone unobserved by any eyewitnesses. But one night, there is a witness, and it is a shaken Ryan Dallion who insists that the man he saw fleeing the murder scene was none other than Knight himself. A skeptical police force dismisses Ryan's story, since Knight was clearly on live television at the time of the homicide. To learn the truth, Jack checks the manifest for connections to the killer, and Ryan and his girlfriend Cathy pay Knight a visit. Although Cathy is charmed by the charismatic anchorman, Ryan remains convinced of Knight's involvement. After leaving Knight's house, Cathy returns to retrieve her purse and is shocked to see two identical Winston Knights staring at her from the window!

The Pirate's Promise

The seaside village of Whaler's Point is filled with the colorful legends of Angus McBride, an infamous pirate whose crew mutinied in 1720 and set him adrift to perish at sea. Arriving in town to retrieve a cursed foghorn, Ryan and Micki are regaled with tales of missing persons by the town drunk, Barney. Although local historian Dewey Covington dismissed Barney's stories, he does reveal that the foghorn was sold to the late keeper of the lighthouse. When questioned, Joe Fenton, the new caretaker, claims he sold the foghorn to an old man in a boat. Actually, he knows exactly where the foghorn is because he has been using it in a methodical series of murders.

Badge of Honor

After the bombing of his wife's car, policeman Russ Sharko goes after crime boss Victor Haas with a vengeance. Tragically, his eagerness to trap Haas causes the death of an undercover cop during a stakeout. Furious at his behavior, Sharko's superior officer, Tom Van Der Beck, suspends him from the force. While putting his police gear backein storage, a star-shaped sheriff's badge falls out of another box, landing at Sharko's feet. Drawn to the badge, yet unaware of its deadly power, Sharko pockets it. No longer bound by police rules, Sharko goes to Haas' private club, bent on revenge. In a fight with one of Haas' bodyguards, the badge tumbles from Sharko's pocket. The guard falls on it and dies, the star burned into his chest. Realizing that he has a potent weapon, Sharko plots to kill Haas.

Pipe Dream

After years of struggle, a frustrated dreamer turns to the supernatural to achieve success. Using a devilish ornate pipe given to him by his late brother, he begins to eliminate anyone who gets in his way by shrouding them in a cloud of the pipe's smoke. He uses the pipe first to steal an idea from a naive young inventor, and then to kill a business colleague who discovers that the invention was stolen. Unfortunately, the dreamer is Ryan's father, Ray Dallion. Although the two men have been estranged for years, Ray's fiancee Connie invites Ryan to the wedding in hopes of mending the fences of resentment that have built up between them. Ryan and Micki go there, and hear all about the invention that Ray supposedly created: a laser-sighting, gas-powered spear gun. They learn that Ray plans to demonstrate the gun for some important arms dealer; a successful presentation could make Ray a wealthy man. Although the father-son reunion is a rocky one, Ryan refuses to believe Micki when she discovers that Ray was given one of Uncle Lewis' cursed antiques - the pipe that has been the cause of the inventor's murder.

What a Mother Wouldn't Do

A pregnant Leslie Kent lashes out against the doctors who have told her that her baby will not survive. On her way home, the heartbroken but determined mother-to-be is drawn to the window of Vendredi Antiques, where she spies an antique cradle. She goes inside and speaks to Uncle Lewis, who shares the cradle's history. Willing to do anything for her unborn child, Leslie arranges with friends to buy it for her as a shower gift. Several months later, Leslie gives birth to a daughter, Allison. Although she's born with severe lung problems, Allison's coughing subsides whenever she is in the cradle. But before long, the cradle takes on a life on its own, issuing silent commands to Leslie and her frightened husband, Martin, to commit seven murders to atone for the death of its previous owner.

Bottle of Dreams

A celebration at the store is interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious visitor, who thrusts an oddly wrapped package at Ryan, then disappears. After determining that the stranger was returning a cursed Egyptian urn, Ryan and Micki head to the vault to lock it safely away. But once inside the vault, the urn spews forth a foul gas, knocking the two cousins unconscious as the doors of the vault suddenly slam shut. When Jack attempts to rescue them, the ghost of Uncle Lewis appears, informing Jack that the gas will cause Micki and Ryan to relive their worst nightmares, but this time, their terror will ultimately kill them.

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