Episode Guide

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The Inheritance
Two cousins learn a deadly secret about their late uncle's antique shop.
Doorway To Hell
An old deed draws Micki and Ryan to a deserted house that is being used as a hide-out by criminals---and by the spirit of Uncle Lewis.
The Prophecies Pt.I
Jack travels to France to investigate the holy visions of a nun, unaware that Astaroth is also there to fulfill the prophecies that will make Satan ruler of the world.
The Poison Pen
A sinister monk uses a cursed quill pen to eliminate his unsuspecting brethren.
The Voodoo Mambo
A mask, created by an evil voodoo priestess who was drowned, compels a young man to exact vengeance for its creator.
The Prophecies Pt. II
With Jack comatose and Ryan under Astaroth's spell, Micki sends for Johnny Ventura to help save her friends.
Cupid's Quiver
A woman's murder puts Micki, Ryan and Jack on the trail of the Cupid of Malek, a grotesque statue that drives its owner to kill any woman who falls in love with him.
And Now The News
An ambitious psychiatrist has a unique way of curing "hopeless" cases and, at the same time, eliminating a rival doctor's patients.
A group of devil worshippers calls forth a beast, and Faron Cassidy, whose daughter was kidnapped by the cult, tracks the evildoers to Curious Goods.
A Cup of Time
The cousins fear that a cursed teacup may have caused the death of the man who bought the antique, and the disappearance of his elderly sister.
Tails I Live, Heads You Die
A coven planning to conjure up Satan uses a coin to kill enemies and resurrect allies.
Crippled Inside
A teenager, paralyzed in an attack by classmates, is given an antique wheelchair by a mysterious old man.
The spirit of Uncle Lewis returns from the dead on Halloween and imprisons Micki and Ryan in the shop basement while it searches for a new body to inhabit.
Symphony In B#
Bizarre incidents, two unsolved murders, and a new recording by a dead violinist plague the orchestra in which Ryan's new love performs.
Stick It In Your Ear
A phony psychic steals an antique hearing aid that's the cause of several deaths.
The Great Montarro
Ryan, Micki and Jack try to close the lid on a case involving a coffin that had belonged to an illusionist who gained fame because of the box's extraordinary powers.
Master of Disguise
Micki proves that love is blind when she falls for a movie star, who's actually a murderer in disguise.
Bad Penny
A coin that has the power of life and death resurfaces in the hands of a corrupt cop, and Micki, who was once "killed" by the coin's power, fears it will reclaim her.
Doctor Jack
A recent murder makes Ryan and Micki suspect a renowned doctor, the owner of a scalpel that proves to be two-edged: it can be used to save lives only after it has been used to murder.
Wax Magic
A wax Lizzie Borden in a carnival exhibit takes on a sinister cast when headless bodies start turning up.
Hate On Your Dial
A 1954 car radio transports a man back in time to meet his late father, who was a Ku Klux Klan leader.
Shadow Boxer
A has-been boxer inherits gloves, which let him, and his shadow, punch with fatal force.
Read My Lips
Edgar Van Horne, a ventriloquist, is forced to commit murder by his sinister puppet.
Night Prey
A man whose wife was abducted by a vampire is obsessed with getting revenge.
Root of All Evil
Micki, Ryan and Jack discover a mulcher that gives its owner not only a green thumb but green money: if fed a human body, it spews out fresh dollar bills.
13 o'Clock
A cursed pocket watch allows its owner to freeze time and commit heinous crimes.
Femme Fatale
Micki gets entangled in a film director's deadly obsession.
Tales of the Undead
After Ryan witnesses a murder by a creature resembling the comic-book hero Ferrus, he sets out to locate the artist (Ray Walston) who created the character.
Night Hunger
A bitter man, once befriended by Uncle Lewis, uses a demonic key to supercharge his race car.
Mightier Than the Sword
A cursed pen transforms a hack writer into a bestselling novelist noted for his realistic portraits of serial killers - an accuracy he achieves by creating real killers.
Micki and Ryan grasp at straws to determine the whereabouts of a cursed scarecrow that was supposedly destroyed in a fire years earlier.
The Sweetest Sting
A hive houses vampire bees that enrich their keeper (Art Hindle) by dispensing eternal youth.
Year of the Monkey
Johnny, Micki and Jack search for deadly Japanese statues.
Faith Healer
A charlatan miracle worker owes his success to a cursed glove with which he can cure any affliction ---by transferring it to an innocent victim.
The Playhouse
A Victorian playhouse demands children's lives to grant the wishes of ill-treated siblings.
Epitaph for a Lonely Soul
A mortician is surprised when a corpse comes alive after he uses an antique aspirator that was supposedly used by another mortician to kill his wife.
The Baron's Bride
Micki and Ryan travel back to 19th-century London to pursue a vampire after they sink their teeth into a case involving a mysterious cape.
Eye of Death
A lantern allows a dealer to collect antiques in the past, but he must murder to return.
Midnight Riders
Members of a motorcycle gang return from the dead to exact revenge on the people who killed them.
While Micki baby-sits a friend's son in the antique shop, she's terrorized by two thieves looking for an evil lantern that Jack and Ryan locked away in the shop's vault.
Face of Evil
A lethal silver compact allows an aging model to maintain her top position.
A cameo locket holds a powerful spell over a man who accidentally killed a girl.
Vanity's Mirror
A silver compact enables a homely high-school girl to attract, then kill, suitors.
Better Off Dead
An insane scientist works on a cure for his daughter's degenerative disease by conducting brain experiments on innocent victims.
The Long Road Home
Johnny must use a cursed object to save Micki from psychotic taxidermists.
Tattooing opponents with bewitched needles, a gambler later wins as the tattoos kill their hosts.
Scarlet Cinema
A collegian uses a possessed movie camera to become a werewolf.
My Wife as a Dog
A murderous fireman uses a cursed dog leash to find the perfect companion.
The Electrocutioner
The survivor of an electric chair later purchases it to get revenge on his executioners.
The Mephisto Ring
A 1919 World Series ring claims a life for each tip to a compulsive gambler.
Micki searches for a cursed toy that has caused a series of drowning deaths.
Brain Drain
Micki, Ryan and Jack try to find a device called a 'trephinator,' which can transfer intelligence but kills the contributor. Next up on the list of donors: Jack's former fianc�e, Dr. Viola Rhodes.
A Friend to the End
Micki's visiting nephew tells of a house where he saw a child presumed dead.
The Spirit of Television
A dying psychic uses a cursed television set to prolong her life.
The Quilt of Hathor Pt.I
Micki and Ryan infiltrate a religious cult to retrieve a patchwork quilt , and Ryan falls for the daughter of the community's leader.
The Butcher
A Nazi officer, killed during World War II by Jack's squadron, returns from the dead to exact his revenge.
Tree of Life
A cult of Druids conspires to sacrifice innocent victims to a carnivorous tree.
The Quilt of Hathor Pt.II
Micki discovers she has the wrong quilt, while the real one has killed again; and Ryan is under suspicion for the ills that have befallen the Penitites.
Mesmer's Bauble
An enchanted pendant allows a record store clerk to make his rock music fantasy come true.
The Charnal Pit
A cursed painting created by the Marquis de Sade sends Micki back in time to 18th-century Paris.
Double Exposure
Winston Knight's ratings skyrocket with his story on the 'Machete Murderer' until Ryan shoots him down by naming him the killer.
Wedding in Black
Jack and Micki are surprised when old friends drop by, but after his ex-girlfriend shows up, Ryan suspects more than mere coincidence.
The Pirate's Promise
Micki and Ryan seek a deadly foghorn in the village of Whaler's Point, where they hear stories of mysterious disappearances and pirate's treasure.
Wedding Bell Blues
The fianc�e of a hapless pool hustler gives him a cue that turns him into a winner---and raises Micki's suspicions about its origins.
Badge of Honor
A former policeman, whose wife's car was bombed, seeks revenge on a crime boss -- with a unique and deadly sheriff's badge.
The Maestro
A choreographer takes the daughter of Jack's friend into his dance company to perform in the premiere of his new ballet, "The Legend of Shiva."
Pipe Dream
Ryan's estranged father (Michael Constantine) uses a hexed pipe for theft and murder.
The Shaman's Apprentice
A ceremonial rattle lets an Indian doctor save his patients by taking others lives.
What a Mother Wouldn't Do
A Satanic cradle compels a dying child's parents to murder.
The Prisoner
A man in prison for robbery escapes after receiving a WWII kamikaze jacket that renders him invisible.
Bottle of Dreams
Gas from an Egyptian urn causes Ryan and Micki to relive horrific experiences.
Coven of Darkness
Two witches' covens fight for control of a cursed occult object.