When we first introduced the ProStar 205, we knew it would be the perfect boat for ski fanatics who had families. Although virtually everything else about the 205 has been improved since 1993, there was no way to improve on its basic reason for being: to give serious skiers a World-Record-capable tournament tow boat with room and comfort for friends and family.
THE SKIABILITY IS PURE PROSTAR. Like all ProStars, the A.W.S.A.-certified 205 has a low, soft slalom wake with virtually no spray. The jump wake is just about nonexistent. There's a narrow wake with a flat, smooth table at tricks speeds. And the boarding wakes are exceptional, with plenty of height and clean definition to take you as high as you want to fly. STRETCH OUT AND RELAX. The ProStar 205 is more than a foot longer than the 190, with a big, walk-through, open-bow design for extra room and comfort. There's plenty of space for the whole family -- or a whole lot of your favorite ski buddies. The open bow is one of the deepest on any ski boat, for more comfort and security.
An optional observer's seat extension fits in the walk-through section for full-width tournament seating. And the rear seat lifts to form a big sunpad across the stern. ROOM FOR ALL THE GEAR YOU NEED FOR A DAY ON THE WATER. There's storage in side compartments, a full-length ski locker in the floor, a lockable glove box, storage behind the observer's seat and under the bow benches, and even a special compartment behind the new driver's seat. Whether you're in the mood for some fanatic skiing or some family fun, you're in the right boat with a ProStar 205.

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