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Home of the Christal Methodists

"God's Idea of a Good Time!"

C/O Candy-Ass Records

PO Box 42382

Portland, OR

97242 USA


Punk radio garage collage guerillas,

we specialize in feeding Fundamentalist Christian proselytizers a dose of their own apocalyptic medicine, using samplers, muzac,

tape loops, crank calls,

and sound effects records. This is the home of the Christal Methodists and Goy Division.


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Take a trip to the front lines with us. We Christal Methodists have been battling hate radio for eight years.



Here's our side of the story.





Press--We Got It!

 Learn how thousands are receiving the Blessings of the Goy Division Culture Jamming Media Outreach through reviews by our gullible media minions!


We thank all the propaganda ministers we've inducted into the Division.


Discover the exploits of the one-man media missionary and revelational visionary who is known as Melba,

but ordained as

Brother Russell.



Audio Archives--They are a'changin'!

Please check out a sample from the upcoming CD,

Satanic Ritual Abuse.


Peruse our fine, graphical catalogue of tips and pieces from our campaigns.

We offer recordings on CD, Cassette, and Vinyl. Order today!



Finally, we'd like to thank our new partners in perversion--the Lesbionic Candy Ass Records.


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