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Collected below are the secrets that you've been looking for! From the preeminent masters of Pinewood Derby automotive engineering, here is THE collection of design ideas, basic and advanced construction techniques, and performance data. Soup-to-nuts, you've come to the right place!

  • Car Performance Experiments
    Yet another masterpiece from Dr. Cory Young of Pack 146 (Chantilly, VA)! Cory built a custom track, and utilized a very accurate digital timing system for this study of car design (and racing environment) vs performance. He takes us through 18 unique tests (and 144 runs), each focused on examining a different car design or race parameter (i.e. weight location, lubrication, aerodynamics, car-to-track placement, etc.) How often do you get to take advantage of this kind of data prior to helping your son build his car?

  • Pinewood Derby Car Design
    A great page that summarizes essential strategies and tactics of car design. A prelude to "Learn to Build A Winner." The most complete textbook on Pinewood Derby Car performance design and construction available. It is published on-line, and for a $10 donation to the W.D. Boyce Council of BSA, it can be yours. Excellent!!

    This excellent Pinewood Derby car construction guidelines booklet is written by Randy Davis. "Do you want to build a car that reaches maximum velocity, but can't find all of the needed information in one place? Well look no further! Whether you are involved with Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Awana, or another organization, "Maximum Velocity!" provides all you need to know including where to locate weight, how to prepare the wheels and axles, what is best lubricant, and key speed tips. Also included is a construction outline, a timetable, thoughts on adult involvement in the car building process, and a large selection of speed tips. Most importantly, all of the information is in an easy to read format, with lots of helpful diagrams." Check it out!

  • Grand Prix Racing - All About Fast Pinewood Cars
    From Michael Lastufka, this site is dedicated to helping you build the best pinewood car you, science and your local race rules will allow. It is an effort to capture the behavior of your car on your organization's track using mathematical models to harness the physics and produce practical results. To that extent, it seeks to advance understanding of the race by quantifying the science behind it.

  • Hodges Hobby House - Pinewood Derby Hints
    Hodges' proprietor, Hugh T. Hodges, is a master Derby-man. Hugh offers some of his excellent design tips here, free of charge! He says: "The following are some additional hints and information regarding construction of fast pinewood derby cars that are not contained in my book Pinewood and Space Derbies, How to Build Cars and Rockets That Win! I will revise this page from time to time. Check back! As usual, always check local rules before making modifications. Some groups will allow these changes, some will not."

  • Chris Mahar's Pinewood Derby Speed Tips
    Chris says: "This is my file of Pinewood Derby Race tips. It's a collage of answers to people's questions, so it might get redundant. I send it to anyone who asks for tips. Maybe one of these days I'll turn it into a FAQ. I hope it answers your questions and gives you ideas for how to make your car faster. Good luck."

  • Building a Pinewood Derby Car
    A nice perspective on car design by He says: "The planning and construction of your car may be approached in many ways. This information will serve only as a guide to some while providing good first-time information and pointers for others. The experienced wood craftsman will find the teaching experience a great project for a young Scout while the "Klutz" may find it just a little challenging. No matter, the time spent working and learning with your Cub should be a lot of fun."

  • Jay's Pinewood Derby Page
    Jay's Pinewood Derby Page features tips and tricks to help all Cub Scouts be more competitive in their Pinewood Derby. It contains many images of cars to help inspire creative and imaginative designs.

  • Darin McGrew's Shape N Race Derby Page
    A very comprehensive Shape N Race Derby site with information, advice, and resources for anyone organizing or participating in any derby, whatever name it goes by. There are also photographs of unusual and creative derby car designs.

  • How To Improve A Pinewood Derby Racing Car
    A student of the 'Master of Pinewood Knowledge' shares his ideas with us. This is Brian D.'s Tutorial - A must read!

  • The Ultimate Pinewood Derby Site
    "Are you tired of losing Pinewood Derbys? Do you feel embarrassed because your child wants to know why you can not use your skill and training to build faster cars. I too was one of these derby car weaklings. But then one day...."

  • Making a Pinewood Car with my Dad
    Your Cubs have got to see this before beginning their construction project. From the Cub's perspective, the message here is "Grown ups: hand over your tools, and stand BACK! Let us kids do the work. We want your help, your advice, your guidance, your encouragement..... and your tools! LET US DO MOST OF THE WORK." These guys in Cub Scout Pack #1 (Westhampton Beach, NY) KNOW what they're talking about!!

  • Our Pinewood Masterpieces
    Can't decide on a "COOL" car design? Need design ideas before whittling? Browse our collection of photo images depicting some of our more successful Pinewood Derby designs. Each car is represented by a 'thumbnail' allowing you to browse without waiting for long downloads.

  • Jay Jenkins "Cars" page
    An awesome collection of car images! Get some ideas about your car design before you start cutting the block.

  • Photos of Unusual Model-Car Designs by Youth
    This is one of Darin McGrew's car 'photo' pages. Excellent photos of car designs to "get those creative juices flowing."



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