The George Lucas Educational Foundation Edutopia

Mentoring: The Antidote to Isolation

by Milton Chen

picture of Milton Chen This issue of Edutopia continues our focus on the professional development of educators as a priority, through the lens of mentoring as a key professional connection. Edutopia also has a new look, to increase its readability and make a stronger connection between its print and online versions. These new designs will be reflected in all of our Foundation's materials as they become available in print and on our Web site at The Web version of this issue also inaugurates our first Spanish translation of Edutopia.

At first glance, mentoring might seem unrelated to effective use of educational technology, a key focus of our Foundation. But as these stories attest, technology can be the subject of a mentoring relationship and also support those relationships through online dialogue, listservs, and connections to new Web resources. The Digital Age requires that we all become lifelong learners, and we'll need many mentors along the way.

Photo Credit: Leslie Flores


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