Being bought up by her father, moving from town to town and from school to school, Chloe's always been a loner. Shy and lacking in self-confidence, Chloe's always tended to try just a little 'too hard' to fit in and be liked. Constantly chattering non-stop, she used to drive people mad.

Growing up, Chloe's father had been at the centre of her world. Unreliable, to say the least, he has never supplied much stability for her, but he was all she had. When Chloe's father left Summer Bay, her life was in turmoil. Unable to let go of him easily, Chloe set off in search of him, only to arrive back in Summer Bay more than a little messed up.

Chloe came close to severing all of the bonds she had worked so hard to establish in Summer Bay. However, Summer Bay being the tightly knit community that it is, people were there for Chloe when she needed them. With their help and support, Chloe managed to overcome her problems and get on with her life.

In June 1996, Chloe was violently attacked on her way home from a party at the surf club. Not having caught sight of her attacker, she had no way of knowing who it was. Ashamed and confused, Chloe tried to keep the attack a secret. As we know, secrets don't survive long in the Bay.

In a place as small as Summer Bay, accusations were bound to fly and nobody escaped suspicion. In a dramatic turn of events, Chloe's father shot and killed the man accused of attacking Chloe. Time revealed that the wrong man had died. In a bizarre twist it came to light that Chloe's attacker was none other than her psychologist, Brad.

Moving into the beach house with Irene, Selina and Joey, Chloe worked hard to start putting her life together again. Chloe is very bright and threw her efforts into her studies. Unfortunately, she also developed a strong attraction for Jesse, who happened to be going out with Selina. Through a series of manipulative moves, Chloe managed to break Selina and Jesse apart, ruining her longstanding friendship with Selina and only momentarily gaining Jesse's affection.

Desperately seeking love and affection, Chloe found comfort briefly in the arms of Dr Lachlan Fraser. In an attempt to avoid further hurt, Chloe denied her feelings for Lachie, even when she realised that she was pregnant with his child.

It wasn't long before the word got out in Summer Bay and Lachie found out the truth… unfortunately, so did his mother, who was determined to keep Lachie and Chloe apart. After so much turmoil in her short life, it finally looked like Chloe had found peace and happiness… she was finishing her HSC, and she was about to give birth to a baby with the man she loved there for her every step of the way.

But there was more heartbreak in store for Chloe — Lachie was diagnosed with a brain tumour and could no longer function in a normal setting. Chloe was on her own once again, but the responsibility of motherhood saw her more serene and equipped to cope than ever before.

And then Lachie's brother James arrived in the Bay, taking a job at the local hospital and keen to see his niece and her mother as much as possible. James and Chloe started spending a lot of time together, but Chloe was unaware that James was falling in love with her. When he told her how he felt, she rejected him. But when James gave her a ticket to go to America to see Lachie, Chloe was very grateful to him… that is, until she arrived in the US and found Lachie in the arms of another woman.

When she came back she decided to give James a chance, much to the delight of both James and his mother, Diana. The relationship has had its problems, but James was there when Chloe needed him, offering her a place to stay when she was worried about living with Joey while he was ill. And when Chloe found out that Lachie had married the other woman, she turned to James for comfort. He was also there for her when Olivia underwent emergency surgery. Could James be Chloe's knight in shining armour?