Release Date: June 1, 1999


The Ultimate Personal Keyboard Equipped With The UNIX Key Layout Provides Efficient, Comfortable Typing And Saves Desktop Space

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 7, 1999 - PFU AMERICA, INC., today introduced its new "Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite" as a succeeding version of the original "Happy Hacking Keyboard". This compact size keyboard equipped with the UNIX key layout is specially designed with the PC/LINUX user and the power user in mind. Remaining the advantage of its original, the price has been cut in half by eliminating the original version's multi-platform support feature. The "Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite" supports the most highly demanded, PS/2 interface only.

The key layout of the "Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite" is based on the SUN Type3 UNIX keyboard with only the essential 60 keys. This key layout makes it easier to access the "Control" key (CTRL) and "Escape" key (ESC) which are essential for LINUX and UNIX users.

Another big advantage is the combination of its compact size and still retaining a standard key pitch. The keyboard "footprint" is about half of letter size. Within the size and minimum 60 keys, all functions of a standard 101 keyboard are available. Since all of the 60 keys are within reach without moving the wrists, the user's hands do not have to travel far from the home position. As a result, the user should have a better sense of where the keys are while touch typing and make much fewer typing errors.

The original version of the "Happy Hacking Keyboard" was introduced to the US in 1998. "Our research shows that it has the right key layout, size, and function, but to penetrate the PC market, we needed to reduce the price." said Ted Abe, Director of Business Development PFU AMERICA, INC. With its new "Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite", the price tag has been cut by half by eliminating the original version's multi-platform support feature. Also in this new version, "Caps lock" key and "Windows" key which were excluded in the original version can be activated by a mode setting switch for broader PC users.

Enthusiastic Comments From the Original "Happy Hacking Keyboard"

Many current users of the original "Happy Hacking Keyboard" keep sending their enthusiastic comments to us. Most of them are appreciate its key layout saying they can type faster with fewer errors. Mr. Anthony Kim wrote "All UNIX users should use this keyboard. It definitely feels "right"--the control key is perfect for emacs and the ESC is perfect for vi--I wouldn't change the design at all. Good things come in small packages."

A comment about the feeling of typing also appears frequently. Mr. James Klicman describes "The key-action is silky-smooth. One of the best feeling keyboards I've ever handled". A carefully designed structure with cylindrical curved sculpture and 3.8 mm stroke soft-snap keys provide for quiet and pleasant typing.


At this point in time, the keyboard is still the most efficient input device. Since it is an interface between user and computer, a good keyboard should contribute a lot to the efficiency of work. Professor Eiiti Wada of Tokyo University advocates that "All computer users should have their own keyboard. Now a computer is a consumer good, but a keyboard is the interface which we can use throughout our life." The Happy Hacking Keyboard" has been developed under the collaboration of Professor Wada and PFU Limited in Japan. With the new lower price, "Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite" benefits more PC users by providing the high efficiency of work.

Pricing, Availability, and Support

Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite will be available directly from the company's web site, at a price of $69 U.S. Shipping fee will be added. Customers from world wide can purchase the Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite online with a major credit card. Pricing is subject to daily conversion rates for international customers.

More general information, support information and order form is available at:

Voice : 1-888-681-8878 (9 am - 5 pm, Pacific Time)

Corporate Fact

PFU AMERICA, INC.(PAI) was incorporated in October 1997 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese computer manufacturer PFU LIMITED(PFU). PFU opened a US office in April 1994 to develop a presence in the US market and to collect information to prepare product launches. PAI works with PFU to market software and hardware products to the North American market. PFU is a world-class computer manufacturer and software publisher, founded as a joint venture between Fujitsu LIMITED and Matsushita(Panasonic) in the 1960's. Revenue of FY 1998 was $1.8B.