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Classic Essentials

Wario Land 2/Wario Land 2 DX

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Published By: Nintendo
Developed By: Nintendo
Fresh from his huge treasure hunt in Super Mario Land 3, Wario takes a well-deserved nap in his brand-new castle. While he slumbers though, the evil Black Syrup gang steals all of his treasure, and so begins one of the best platform games of all time. One of the unique features of this adventure is that Wario can't die; instead, he gets shoved around and affected by various creatures that he encounters. He gets fat, he gets drunk, he even turns into a zombie - and it's when he's under the influence of spells like these that he can explore the game's deeper secrets. Exploration is the key to unlocking all of the game's secrets, and there are hundreds of hidden bits and more objectives than you can shake a bag of gold coins at. No matter what format you're playing it on - standard Game Boy, Super Game Boy, or the absolutely phenomenal-looking Game Boy Color version - the terrific gameplay makes this one of Nintendo's best platform games ever on any machine. Get this. Your Game Boy deserves it.

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Published By: Nintendo
Developed By: Creatures
Oh come on, like you don't know what Pokemon is all about? Where have you been all this time? Pokemon is the primary reason the Game Boy has made such a resurgence over the past year or two, and it's the killer app that has managed to sell over eight million units in Japan alone - outselling even the mighty Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid! As you read this, kids everywhere are raiding toy shops searching for both versions of Pokemon - red and blue, each with its own individual set of pocket monsters to collect, train, and battle with - so you better hurry and get yours now. Getting all 150 (well, 151, but the last one is virtually impossible to attain) Pokemons will take time, skill, and a link cable - you have to swap Pokemons with other players using their own copy of the game to be able to get the evolved and rare creatures, making it a very social game. Don't even try to resist being won over by the cute characters, the aggressive marketing, and the incredibly addictive gameplay, because Pokemon already owns you.

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Published By: Nintendo Developed By: Bullet Proof Software
Tetris/Tetris DX
When Electronic Gaming Monthly made its definitive list of the hundred greatest games of all time, this is the one that took out the top spot. It's also the title that launched along with the Game Boy all those years ago, so obviously it's pretty good. Quite fittingly, its new improved incarnation, Tetris DX, is arriving to usher in the Game Boy Color machine as well. Tetris, for those that have led sheltered lives and somehow don't know, is a game that has you controlling a series of blocks that fall from the sky into a pile at the bottom of the screen. You have to arrange the pieces so a solid vertical line is formed, which removes that line and makes everything above it fall down a space. This is repeated until the pile fills up the screen, which is bad (hmmkay?). Besides the obvious visual enhancements, a handful of extra game styles is available, and the control has been slightly tweaked, improving perfection by a few notches. If you've never played Tetris before, you simply haven't lived and should rectify that situation immediately.

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Published By: Nintendo
Developed By: Nintendo
Legend Of Zelda/Legend Of Zelda DX
Thanks to the miracle that is the Game Boy Color, a whole new generation of game players can enjoy one of the best role-playing games of all time: The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The story starts with our hero Link waking up on the shores of mysterious Koholint Island, a strange place that he can't leave until he's woken The Wind Fish, a sleepy piece of aquatic life that lives on top of a nearby mountain. Along the way Link has to brave eight dungeons, solving puzzles and battling monsters while looking for musical instruments that will be able to wake the slumbering piece of seafood. Some say that it is even better than any of the previous console Zelda games, and the new DX incarnation of the game - boasting new color upgrades and a whole new dungeon to explore, as well as other tweaks here and there - is a step beyond that. If you don't own a Game Boy, you should, just to be able to play this gem of a game.

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Published By: Nintendo
Developed By: Nintendo
Metroid II
Metroid II is one of those games that is regarded as sacred and with good reason - it's got everything a great platform adventure needs to be elevated to classic status, rolled into one slick package. You, as Samus, return to wipe out the alien Metroid menace and the evil Mother Brain behind it all, armed only with a few bombs and a reliable laser cannon. Video gaming's finest heroine (eat your heart out, Lara) has a few tricks up her sleeve, such as being able to turn into a spinning ball (necessary for getting in and out of tight spaces) and changing her gun into a missile launcher. This game has more secrets than most people could possibly ever find, and completing the mission in under two hours (to get the best ending, of course) will take constant training to achieve. If you ever need to be convinced of Nintendo's brilliance, play this.

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