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The Systems Research Center (SRC) is one of Compaq's Corporate Research labs. The others are CRL and WRL. Our charter is to understand current and emerging technologies by building and testing prototype systems, to communicate our results both inside and outside Compaq, and to explore opportunities for commercializing our work.

What's New Highlights of recent events and accomplishments.
Research Articles Feature articles on some aspects of our current work.
Our Work Overview of our working style and current projects.
Projects Links to current and mature SRC research projects and activities.
Publications A searchable archive of our publications.
Downloadable Software Software produced by lab members and freely available for use within the terms of the relevant Compaq License Agreements.
Directions to SRC Directions to SRC and useful local maps.

Compaq Systems Research Center
130 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tel: (650) 853-2100 Fax: (650) 853-2104
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