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Kennedy tragedy

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The wreckage of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane showed no signs of in-flight breakup or fire, and the engine appeared to have been working when the aircraft plunged into the ocean, a federal safety panel said Friday, July 30.

The National Transportation Safety Board, releasing its first update in a week on its investigation of the July 16 crash that killed Kennedy, his wife and her sister, also said that Kennedy had received a weather forecast via the Internet for his flight from Fairfield, New Jersey, to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. The report, issued at 6:30 p.m., or about two hours before takeoff, was for good visual-flight-rules conditions, with six to eight miles visibility.

Share your thoughts about this airplane crash and the deaths of J.F.K. Jr., his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and her sister Lauren Bessette.

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Rod Aldred - Monday, 07/19/99, 12:53:20pm (#1 of 2897)

This is a shock to the nation, and me for one am praying for the Kennedy family. First their father and now the shocking news of his only son missing in a plane crash it's a sad day for all Americans.


Karen Barron - Monday, 07/19/99, 1:15:22pm (#2 of 2897)

I am sadden by the events over this past weekend. We have not only lost our favorite son but a wonderful human being as well. My thoughts and prayers go to the Kennedy family as well as the Bessettes. God Bless them all.

Jim Golden - Monday, 07/19/99, 3:15:40pm (#3 of 2897)

OK, tragedy, yes. American tragedy, NO! This is blown way out of proportion by the media. This guy was just another citizen. Just like most of the Kennedy kids he was nothing but a kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Only a couple of Kennedy's had an impact on this country. This kid was nothing but another pretty face and a business of his own.

I feel for his family and wouldn't wish this on anyone. I am patriotic as most Americans are but I don't see this as an extreme loss. I also don't see the Kennedy family as this 'all holy, royal' group.

Let's all remember how this family got it's riches and it's power. Riches from bootlegging booze and power from teaming up with the mob then selling them out.

A crook with a Harvard education is still a crook.

ange white - Monday, 07/19/99, 3:16:23pm (#4 of 2897)

I am shocked and stunned by the news I have been following the events here in Scotland and was glued to cnn over the weekend,I just hope that they will be found sooner rather than later. My thoughts and prayer are with both families.

Mark Mossing - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:01:58pm (#5 of 2897)

Has anyone heard how many times John had actually landed at Martha's Vineyard, either in daylight or at night? As you know, he was dropping his sister-in-law off at Martha's Vineyard on his way to Hyannis Port. If he had flown to Hyannis Port directly, his flight would not have had to go over water at all. I'm wondering if a last minute change in plans to accommodate her created the scenario for this unfortunate disaster.

Jose Verastegui - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:10:46pm (#7 of 2897)

It seems that JFK Jr. never became a father. With all these technology and medical advances maybe he still could. If the family allows it. Perhaps it depends on how soon his body is found and its conditions.

Wendy Barton - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:17:24pm (#8 of 2897)

All of you who seem upset that John Jr. is getting alot of attention for being lost and presumed dead and are angry at the fact that if it had been one of you no one would have noticed, remember that John would love to be here instead of being where he is and has no control over the media and the attention this is getting.....nor did he ever have any control over the invasion when he was just living his everyday life. This is one of the problems with ALL of the world...Just Let it be and rejoice...that you are alive and that he lived a great life and remember that the world lost a great young man, 2 lovely ladies and some one lost a brother and another lost a daughter and 2 sisters...JUST LET IT BE! and give thanks for the day.......

Andrej Salobir - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:29:27pm (#9 of 2897)

When I heard about the JFK Jr.'s plane crash, first I couldn't believe."It must be a joke,"I said to my friend. But it wasn't. At the moment, I've started to realize, what I heard, I thought the world stopped. The life of many people all around the world won't be the same again. Something will be missing in our hearts. I hoped till this morning, the Coast guard will find all three alive, but the hope has vanished. I still have tears in my eyes and they will be there for a long time. John John was really an uncrowned prince. He really was. He isn't with us anymore, but I know he's in good hands. In hands of God. He will take care of him, because he was such a good, generouos and warm person. He will stay in our hearts forever. I pray for him and his family, which has lost a member, who many people liked ( has liked ). I hope they will remember JFK Jr. as a happy, warm and nice person and not as a person, who died too early. JOHN JOHN, CAROLINE, LAUREN AND BOTH FAMILIES; GOD BLESS YOU ALL.




Lorraine Moreland - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:36:15pm (#10 of 2897)

The loss of John Kennedy Jr., his wife, and sister-in-law in such a manner is indeed tragic. It would be no less tragic if it had been someone less familiar to the world at large; however, I believe that because the media has kept us all apprised of John Kennedy's life happenings, we may feel that we knew him - in some small way. Thus the feeling of loss we are all experiencing.

In a sense, some of us might feel that the book ended before we got to the climax -- he probably had great things planned for his life; and, wouldn't we all like to see him succeed? Wouldn't we all like to see the son of the world's most popular US President accomplish great things? I am sure the family and friends of Lauren Bessette and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy feel the same way about them ...

My prayers and compassion are extended to all who are touched personally by this tragedy. It is my hope that the media won't exploit their death and allows their families the peace to grieve in whatever manner they are most comfortable with.

Audrey Fischer - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:38:06pm (#11 of 2897)

I clearly remember the day when JFK was killed, and also when Bobby had to go. The death of JFK jr. is so futile. However, let's not forget that the Bessette family mourns two daughters. This is even more tragic. My heart goes out to both families. May all three rest in peace.

Sue Bowden - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:38:42pm (#12 of 2897)

I'm British and I'm more devastated about this than I was at the death of Princess Diana. As someone has previously said, if this was you or me, no one would have made any fuss, and that was my argument when Diana died. But the Kennedy family seems to have had more than its fair share of disaster and I feel for them deeply. I hope that the bodies are found soon so that they can all experience closure. Over here, the conspiracy theorists are already hard at work with regard to the missing bodies...

Sue, Swansea, U.K.

phelbing - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:45:54pm (#13 of 2897)

A pilot I know (I am myself don`t know anything about general aviation) told me that the Piper Saratoga is a very save plane, right for beginners. It can`t fall down like a stone. Even the pilot got a heart attack. Even under very worse conditions it will need same minutes to reach the surface. Why there was no cry for help? Why it happened in the middle of the free water passage? Without any whitnesses? Where it is very difficult to find any remains. Especially if this remains are very small, caused by the influence of heavy violence. Maybe they had bad luck that day, maybe not.

Melinda Gill - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:48:46pm (#14 of 2897)

I remember as if it were yesterday the death of President Kennedy. I am just now getting to realize that Princess Diana is now longer with us. Now, John Jr., wife, and sister-in-law are gone. They were so young and had so much yet to accomplish. Why do these things happen, only God can answer I know, but still one wonders. I am praying for all concerned and hope they are found soon. A little bit of me thought about the PT109 accident Saturday when I first heard...thinking wow wouldn't it been something if John Jr. could save them too. God bless the Kennedy family and the Bessetts.

Bryan Emmette - Monday, 07/19/99, 4:57:28pm (#15 of 2897)

Jose Verastegui -

It seems that JFK Jr. never became a father. With all these technology and medical advances maybe he still could. If the family allows it. Perhaps it depends on how soon his body is found and its conditions.

Uhh why? That's pretty disgusting. His wife is missing and now presumed dead as well.

joyce del rio - Monday, 07/19/99, 5:16:53pm (#16 of 2897)

there is really not to much to say.. the media has it covered .. all we can do now is pray for their souls and pray especially for the families.. that they will recover from this shock.. quickly..and that GOD help the coast guard to find the bodies so that they may have a proper burial..

arnaldo antillon-appel - Monday, 07/19/99, 5:25:27pm (#17 of 2897)

For all of us, borned in the 1960�s, the tragedy of JFK Jr. death must be considered a call to our generation, a generation that will turn 40 while we turn into the next century.

I have somewhat the impression that this death is like the feeling that a soldier has when he looses his comanding officer in battle.

Will my generation be capable of winning this war?

Arnaldo Antillon-Appel San Jos�, Costa Rica

Mark Whiteman - Monday, 07/19/99, 5:38:48pm (#18 of 2897)

Something is wrong here. Did a president die? Did a Senator die? Did a philanthropist die? No. A silver spoon child. Would the media circus be going on if the child of a "conservative" president died? Perhaps a Reagan child? or a Nixon child? I think we know the answer to that question.

Jim Britton - Monday, 07/19/99, 5:42:29pm (#19 of 2897)

I am a Canadian who has always followed the Kennedy family. Like so many around the world I listened to news reports, watched CNN and hoped for some miracle that they had survived. Alas it was not to be. I am also 38 and I can't imagine my life ending at this point. I am sad that these three young vibrant people have lost their lives. Not because they were famous for who they were or knew, but because they were human beings living their lives that were suddenly cut short. We have all looked forward to travelling to an event or destination with the promise of the fun we will have with family or friends. Never is it in our minds that we will die en route. I wish the families of these young people my heart felt sympathy and the peace and comfort that closure will bring for them. For John, Carolyn, and Lauren may you find serenity and bliss on your arrival in heaven.

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