On September 18, 1997, The Gateway printed Take Back the Night, a one-off Space Moose strip inspired by the annual feminist march of the same name. I later decided to follow it up with a hyperviolent sequel entitled Clobberin' time. To my dismay, The Gateway refused to print it. The third instalment, Rehabilitation of rapist 95-7B, appeared in the October 9 edition beneath a notice reading, "this week's episode will make more sense if one reads the previous censored strip now available at [the internet address of the Space Moose web page]." This notice, along with the censored strip, sent a group of feminist zealots into a panic. They pulled out their writing pads and started complaining to every media source at their disposal, every university administrator who might have the power to appease them, as well as Campus Security and city police. During the furor, the Space Moose series continued with Start menstruating, Midterm in progress, Political science, and Blending in.

This page chronicles the entire witch hunt including the newspaper articles, the radio interview, the letters of support and outrage, the developments that led to Space Moose's exile from the university web server, the charge of discrimination under the Code of Student Behavior and the nine month appeal that overturned it.

Phase 1 - Outcry

Date Article Notes:
October 20, 1997 Edmonton AM, CBC Radio Interviews with Gateway editor, complainant and Adam Thrasher
October 21 Edmonton Journal Cartoon stirs anger for showing 'moose' shooting feminists
Letters to the Gateway never published
Burton Smith's ultimatum Acting Dean of Students orders Space Moose off the university web server
October 22 Letters to the Gateway never published
The Globe and Mail Cartoon draws fierce criticism
October 23 Edmonton Journal Campus web site moose to go
Gateway editorial by Nathaniel Fairbairn
Letters to the Gateway
Letters to the Gateway never published
October 24 Folio from the University of Alberta's Office of Public Affairs
October 25 The Globe and Mail editorial
October 28 The Gateway Censorship argument in dispute,
Moose on the move
Letters to the Gateway
October 30 Letters to the Gateway
The Gauntlet University of Calgary student news
November 4 Letters to the Gateway
November 6 Gateway editorial by Rose Yewchuk
November 10 Alberta Report No Space for this Moose
November 13 Letters to the Gateway

Phase 2 - Discipline

Date Article Notes:
December 15 Decision of the Discipline Officer
January 13, 1998 The Gateway Thrasher fined for insensitivity
January 15 Letter to the Gateway
January 18 The Edmonton Sun Re-media
January 20 Letters to the Gateway
January 27 Letter to the Gateway

Phase 3 - Appeal

Date Article Notes:
January 19, 1998 Notice of appeal
September 10 Vue Weekly Space Moose alive and well on the WWW
September 29 The Gateway Space Moose in appeal hearing
November 5 The Gateway Space Moose beats the rap
November 20 Decision of the University Appeal Board