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S3's Announces Savage2000: The Ultimate PC Entertainment and Productivity Graphics Solution
Next-Generation Architecture Combines Proven Image Quality with Lightning Fast 3D Engine

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. --- August 30, 1999 --- Rapidly following on the "award-winning" success of the Savage4™ accelerator, S3® Incorporated (Nasdaq: SIII) today announced its next-generation graphics platform, the Savage2000™ accelerator. Featuring stunning 3D performance for PC gamers, complete digital video playback and TV-out support for home users, and high-resolution 2D image quality and digital flat panel support for professional users, Savage2000 combines extreme functionality and speed to deliver today's most complete PC graphics solution.

"Savage2000 significantly raises the level of performance that consumers can expect to find from S3 on store shelves by the end of this year," said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Associates (Tiburon, CA.), the leading market research firm tracking digital media. "Giving S3 a complete top-to-bottom volume product offering, Savage2000 is well positioned to succeed in the high-performance graphics controller market, which our research indicates exceeding 46 million units in 2000."

"Bringing Savage2000 to market is another major milestone for S3," said Ken Potashner, president and CEO of S3 Incorporated. "By combining the Savage2000, mobile Savage and SavageNB products with our strategic industry partnerships and widespread OEM customer base, I believe that S3 is well positioned to determine the course of the PC graphics market over the next few years."

First Savage2000 Retail Offering

S3 also announced today that Diamond Multimedia will produce the first Savage2000-based retail add-in card. Scheduled to be available on retail shelves for Christmas, Diamond's soon to be announced Savage2000 card will deliver a superior sub-$250 solution for end-users seeking stunning 2D, 3D, DTV and DVD performance.

"With Savage2000, Diamond is continuing its leadership role in the retail graphics market," said Scott Vouri, vice president and general manager of Multimedia for Diamond Multimedia. "Delivering the 3D speed that PC gamers demand, the digital video functionality that consumers want and the high resolution 2D imagery that professionals require, Diamond's Savage2000-based board will set the performance and functionality standards for next-generation graphics accelerators."

OEM and Retail Solution

Meeting the needs of the retail add-in card market as well as the performance segment of the OEM PC market, Savage2000 is available in two configurations: the Savage2000 and the Savage2000+. With 128-bit memory support (up to 166MHz) and up to a 150MHz engine clock, the Savage 2000 is targeted at high-performance OEM systems, while the Savage2000+ - with 128-bit memory support (up to 200MHz) and up to a 200MHz engine clock - is targeted at potential retail add-in card designs ranging from $169-249. In addition to high-performance cores, both configurations provide up to 64MB of memory, a 350MHz RAMDAC, DVI-compliant digital flat panel technology, advanced TV-out support and complete AGP 4X technology for optimal performance.

For complete information on S3's Savage2000 accelerator, including white papers, data sheets, product photos, screen shots, etc., please visit the Savage2000 section of S3's website at

64MB Memory Support

Doubling today's standard memory configurations, Savage2000 is the PC industry's first volume 3D accelerator with support for up to 64MB of memory. Greatly increasing the flexibility and performance of its 3D engine, Savage2000's 64MB memory support allows for the usage of resolutions up to 1600x1200 triple buffered with 32-bit per pixel color depth and a 32-bit Z-buffer, while still maintaining 32MB of memory for textures. Savage2000's 64MB support also allows for full-scene anti-aliasing at higher resolutions.

Superior 3D Technology

Combining the industry-leading 3D image quality (32-bit rendering, 32-bit Z-buffer and S3TC™) of the Savage4 accelerator with an extremely fast 3D rendering engine, Savage2000 is designed to deliver both speed and quality for ultimate gaming performance. Setting the standard for next-generation 3D accelerators, Savage2000 implements several industry-first 3D technologies including:

· Dual Pixel/Dual Texture Pipeline - Implementing an innovative single clock, four texel architecture, Savage2000 delivers a fill rate of 700+ MegaTexels/second. Approximately twice the speed of today's slower single pixel/dual texture architectures, Savage2000 is designed to be the ultimate gaming solution for multi-textured games such as Quake III, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, Sanity and Prince of Persia 3D. · ·

"For the next 6 to 9 months, multi-texturing fill rate will remain the key to kick-ass game performance," said John Heap, director of product development for Rage Software PLC., developers of the award-winning Expendable title. "Definitely, this is the feature that a winning 3D accelerator must have!"

· Unique QuadTexture™ Engine - With the ability to composite four textures in a single cycle, Savage2000's QuadTexture engine enables developers to use complex visual effects, such as shadows, reflections, bump, noisy environment and simulation, for the first time without a loss in performance. Building on S3's S3TC and high multi-texturing performance, Savage2000's QuadTexture engine takes 3D gameplay to higher levels of realism and interactivity. · ·

· S3TL™ Technology - Off-loading the geometry calculation stage of the 3D pipeline from the CPU, S3's first-generation transform and lighting engine (S3TL) will enable the development of future OpenGL and DirectX 7 games that deliver 4-10X the polygon and lighting complexity of today's fastest PC applications. Delivering up to 8 dynamic hardware lights at 3X the performance of today's CPUs, S3TL also enables real-time load balancing between Savage2000 and the host CPU. This frees up valuable processor cycles that developers can use to further enhance other aspects of their applications such as artificial intelligence, audio, collision detection and physics. To push the development of these future games, S3 has an aggressive ISV program underway designed to match S3's existing texture compression technology (S3TC) with S3TL for the most realistic game play ever seen on the PC platform. · ·

Best of Class DTV/DVD Playback

Continuing S3's proven leadership in video quality and performance, Savage2000 is a complete DTV/DVD solution that delivers a level of performance equivalent to stand-alone consumer devices. Highlights of Savage2000's superior video engine include:

· Industry-First Dynamic Multi-Tap Scalar - Dynamically adjustable up to 16 taps, the Savage2000's high-quality scalar sets a new quality standard for PC video while providing outstanding DTV playback. · ·

· Third Generation Motion Compensation Engine - Featuring broad industry support, Savage2000's motion compensation engine delivers full DVD frame rates, while leaving the system with plenty of CPU bandwidth to run other applications. · ·

· Fully Compliant VIP 2.0 Bus - With the industry's first fully compliant VIP 2.0 bus interface, Savage2000 supports multiple DTV configurations with busmastering for low CPU utilization. · ·

For more information on Savage2000's best of class DTV/DVD playback, please read S3's video white paper entitled S3's Savage2000 Accelerator: A New Architecture for Superior PC Video, which can be viewed on S3's website at

Pricing and Availability

Sampling now, Savage2000 will be in mass production in October of this year. End-users should be able to purchase Diamond Multimedia's Savage2000-based add-in cards during the fourth quarter of this year and Savage2000-based systems in the first quarter of 2000.

Savage2000 is priced at $29 (USD) each in quantity of 10,000 units, while the Savage2000+ is priced at $35 each in quantity of 10,000 units.

About S3 Incorporated

With the world's largest installed base of graphics and video accelerators, S3 Incorporated has established itself as a market leader in technology excellence, core business strengths, strategic partnerships and worldwide reach. Building on these strengths, S3 is committed to delivering targeted products for the Personal Computer, Computing Integration and Consumer Appliance Markets.


Except for historical information contained herein, the matters set forth in this press release such as S3's ability to determine the course of the graphics market moving forward, S3's ability to be in mass production with Savage2000 in October, Diamond Multimedia's ability to deliver Savage2000 add-in card in the fourth quarter and S3's ability to bring Savage2000-based systems to market in the first quarter of 2000 are forward-looking statements that are subject to risk and uncertainties, including the impact of competitive products and pricing and of alternative technological advances, the ability of the company's foundries to manufacture Savage2000 in a timely manner, market acceptance of the company's and its customers' new products, customers' product marketing timelines, and other risks detailed from time to time in S3's SEC reports, including its Quarterly Report on Form 10Q for the quarter ended June 30, 1998. S3 is a registered trademark of S3 Incorporated. The S3 corporate logo, Savage2000, S3TC, S3TL, QuadTexture and Savage4 are trademarks of S3 Incorporated. Other marks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

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