ULF/ELF/VLF detectors at two off-site locations
30 MHz imaging riometer
Doppler diagnostic
Ionosonde, 1 kW, 2 - 19 MHz
HF receivers, offsite 2.85 MHz coaxial-colinear antenna

System Parameters

Eight 150 kW transmitters
Eight element circular crossed-dipole antenna array
Operates at 2.85 and 4.53 MHz
84 MW ERP at 2.85 MHz
X- and O-mode operation

Access to Alaska Magnetometer Chain and HLMS coherent backscatter radar

Optical photometer at 428, 357 nm (molecular Nitrogen ion) and 557, 630 nm (atomic Oxygen)


Excimer dye laser - 40 mJ/pulse
Doubled Ti Sapphire Laser - 200 mJ/pulse
2.7 meter diameter spinning mercury mirror telescope collector

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