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  • LinWarrior 3D (action) 02/25
  • Blocks (puzzle) 02/22
  • fscktris (puzzle) 02/21
  • The MJDRDM (The Meilleur Jeu De Role Du Meunde) (rpg) 02/21
  • Race (arcade) 02/17
  • Tumbling Dice (card) 02/16
  • Worldforge (under development) 02/15
  • SWTerm (simulation) 02/15
  • GSokoban (puzzle) 02/13
  • Stax (puzzle) 02/13

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  • Roll 'm Up (arcade) 02/26
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  • Sabre (simulation) 02/25
  • LinWarrior 3D (action) 02/25
  • Unreal Tournament (action) 02/25
  • The MJDRDM (The Meilleur Jeu De Role Du Meunde) (rpg) 02/25
  • Freeciv (strategy) 02/25
  • lxDoom (action) 02/24
  • Xmame (emulator) 02/24

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    LinWarrior 3D 0.51new 25 Feb 2000 10:43
    Category: Action
    Description: LinWarrior 3D (lw3d) is a free clone of MechWarrior 3D. You're navigating a huge robot through a landscape in quite competive 3d graphics while firing at enemies.

    The colors of the sky change in real-world-time just like your system timer walks through a day while the clouds are moving.

    There will be different missions available in which you'll have to follow Nav-Points and complete different objectives to fullfill your mission. You will be able to comand your allies and you'll be able touse different vehicles than mechs too.



    SMM++ 4.3updated 24 Feb 2000 12:25
    Category: Role Playing
    Avg. Rating: 4444

    Description: MUD client with mapping functionality and lots of other features


    • colormanager
    • bugfixes

    Selim Issever

    Xmame 0.36b16.1updated 23 Feb 2000 00:49
    Category: Emulator
    Avg. Rating: 55555

    Description: A fantastic arcade game emulator.


    • Everything from mame & mess msdos 0.36b16
    • Fixed error messages for: "error optionx requires an argument".
    • Fixed --boolean option parsing.
    • Fixed bools in configfiles overriding commandline.
    • Fixed -vectorres for vertical oriented games.
    • Reworked and cleaned up the makefile, you can now choose your os and cpu seperatly. This adds linux-sparc support amongst other things.
    • Made oss.c compatible with linux/powerpc giving sound on this platform thanks to John Cramp.
    • Wrote a generic plugin system, currently only supporting static plugins, but prepared for dynamic plugins.
    • Rewrote the entire sound subsystem, to match a few core changes. Sound-drivers are now plugins, allowing for example esd support. All sound drivers need to be converted to this new system. Platforms which sound-driver(s) haven't been converted, don't have sound.
    • Added a sound-mixer (for volume control) subsystem, again plugin based.
    • Converted the oss driver to be a dsp plugin.
    • Added an oss mixer plugin.
    • Updated (fixed) SDL display driver, thanks to: Ricardo Calixto Quesada (
    • Added an esound dsp plugin.
    • Fuzzy name matching alla the dos port, thanks to: Andrea Vettorello .
    • Don't parse the game specific rc file untill the final name lookup has been done (for fuzzy / random name matching).

    Bob Zimbinski

    Blocks 1.0new 22 Feb 2000 11:17
    Category: Puzzle
    Description: Blocks is a 3D Tetris LookALike using the Crystal Space 3D Engine. It can run on Linux, Windows, OS/2, BeOS, DOS, Macintosh, NextStep, OpenStep, FreeBSD, SGI, Solaris, ... The source of Blocks is included with recent versions of CS (0.15r002 which is going to be released soon or a recent CVS snapshot).

    A linux executable for software or OpenGL rendering is available now. Other executables for other operating systems will follow soon.


    Bob Zimbinski

    fscktris 1.18-0.1new 22 Feb 2000 10:46
    Category: Puzzle
    Description: From the author's web page:
    Fscktris is a patch for e2fsprogs-1.18 that makes those tiresome fsck's much more fun. Play a tetris clone while fsck does its work !

    BIG FAT WARNINGS Fscktris should only be used if you really don't care about your data. Whilst I've had no problems with it, it comes with no guarantee of safety. This could hose your filesystem ! (although I would say it's unlikely :)
    The e2fsprogs version referred to here is not necessarily the latest version. Newer versions may exist, which could fix important bugs.

    The arrow keys to move, and space rotates the shape. "p" pauses the game, and unpauses it.

    BZ: Yay! Once in a generation is genius like this realized. I'm glad I am alive to see it.



    GFingerPoken 0.25updated 22 Feb 2000 10:46
    Category: Puzzle
    Avg. Rating: 4444

    Description: Deduce the layout of a grid of gadgets by experimentation

    Changelog: It fixes the minor memory leak bug; that's it.

    Jeff Pettorino

    Freeciv 1.10.0updated 21 Feb 2000 22:14
    Category: Strategy
    Avg. Rating: 55555

    Description: A free clone of Microprose's Civilization game.


    • Internationalization extended. Still needs improvement. New ./doc directory for localized versions of README and INSTALL. Current localizations: de en_GB es fr hu no pl pt pt_BR ru.
    • Added Civ1/2-like Barbarians. Controlled by two server options.
    • Many more nations added.
    • Worklists -- Players can now specify a list of things to be built in a city.
    • The AI now utilizes diplomats/spies aggressively.
    • Added a variant (1) of Michelangelo's Chapel.
    • Initial rates after Revolution will try to maximize Science.
    • Rapture-triggered city growth will no longer empty the foodbox.
    • Map generator improvements:
      • Gen 1 hills more uniform north/south.
      • Gen 2+ will tend to make fewer length-one rivers.
    • Added unit-death explosion animation.
    • No longer will cities with exactly 0 (zero) production surplus be given a "free" shield every turn.
    • Command-line arguments made more consistent between server and client.
    • Caravans now provide a research benefit when initially establishing a trade route, equal to the monetary benefit.
    • Diplomat/Spy changes:
      • Changed all actions to more closely conform to Civ2 rules.
      • Changed "diplchance" to be %-chance of success. Used in many ways.
      • Diplomat/Spy may attempt action with any movement left.
      • Added "At Spy's Discretion" selection to steal and sabotage dialogs.
      • Allow Spies to steal tech from a city more than once (gets harder). >;o?May only poison towns of size greater than 1 (one).
      • May only sabotage units that are alone on a square.
      • When a city is subverted, only nearby units change sides.
      • Veteran status improves defense against other Diplomats/Spies.
    • Added production display of number of turns remaining to build.
    • Small, shield-like flags tilesets (trident_shields, engels_shields).
    • Airbase changes (for Civ2 compliance):
      • Ground units can attack Air units when they are parked on an Airbase.
      • Units are defeated only singly when on an Airbase (like a Fortress).
    • Revised and improved the server 'help' command.
    • New intro graphics.
    • Ships may now have their movement reduced after a combat in which they are damaged.
    • Added display of production values to main map "city tiles" display.
    • Increased the Add-To City size limit to 9 to conform to Civ2.
    • Settler's "Connect" feature -- Automatically connect two points with Road, Railroad, Irrigate or Fortress.
    • Several AI improvements.
    • New ruleset support for CITIES, most notably cities are now drawn in different sizes and styles.
    • Allow specifying unambiguous player name prefix, instead of full player name, for server commands taking a player name argument.
    • Added multi-client configuration support.
    • Added 'read' and 'write' server commands.
    • Added "best nation" column to Demographics report.
    • Changed Fighters and Stealth Fighters to not cause unhappiness (Civ2).
    • Cities on mountains will produce an extra food (Civ2).
    • Fixed bug where Lighthouse was not producing veteran sea units.
    • Ported to Amiga. (This is not included with a "distribution"; get it directly from the CVS, or from a CVS Snapshot.)
    • Lots of bug fixes, code cleanups, and help-text improvements.

    Bob Zimbinski

    lxDoom 1.4.2updated 21 Feb 2000 22:08
    Category: Action
    Avg. Rating: 55555

    Description: A Linux port of Boom, which is an enhanced version of Doom from id's source.


    • Fixed various build problems, including
      • Networking not work on many systems
      • Portability improvements, in particular for Sparc
      • Autoconf getting confused on systems with X headers in the include path
    • Fix bug with music not looping after being unpaused
    • Misc minor improvements

    Bob Zimbinski

    The MJDRDM (The Meilleur Jeu De Role Du Meunde) 0.1.5new 21 Feb 2000 10:06
    Category: Role Playing
    Description: The MJDRDM will be a single-player RPG, that will provide the following features: pseudo-real-time battle mode, with up to 15 magics and 11 special attacks that can be combined into devastating techniques, high-graphics map mode, and a complex scenario.



    Stuff to read  21 Feb 2000 10:04
    • In this month's Linux Journal, Jason Kroll takes a look a XMAME, the coolest emulator program ever written. The column includes some spirited rants on the legality of ROM distribution and intellectual property as well. Good stuff for a game column...
    • Dennis Payne has posted his latest Open Game Source column. This month he writes about Troll Bridge, a Zelda-style adventure game he is developing.
    • Sam Lantinga and Lauren MacDonnell have written an article for IBM's developerWorks site, titled Using SDL: the birth of "Pirates Ho!". The article is the first in a series documenting the development of their new game.
    Bob Zimbinski

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