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"Traditionalist" and Schismatic Catholics

St. Joseph's Church, Detroit, MI: A Traditional Novus Ordo Parish

For Non-Schismatic Traditionalist, Tridentine / Novus Ordo Latin Mass, and Liturgical Reform Websites and articles, see my Eucharist and Sacrifice of the Mass page. See the Ecumenism & Salvation "Outside" the Catholic Church page for links on the topics of Salvation Outside the Church, Feeneyism, Religious Liberty, Ecumenism, and Comparative Religion. See the Church page for papers and links about authority issues, and the male priesthood, and the Theological Liberalism & Modernism page for vigorous critiques of various modernist errors. The Papacy and Infallibility page contains information on conciliar infallibility also. Political conservatism is explicated on the Politics and Social Activism page, and traditional morality links can be found on the Moral Theology page.


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