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The Highest-Capacity Disk Drives for Home and Business
With more storage capacity, higher performance, and affordable prices, Quantum Bigfoot TX 5.25-inch disk drives deliver what home and business users need to handle the new MMX, DVD, and MPEG-2 technologies. With an average seek time of less than 12 ms, Bigfoot TX drives exceed the performance of many 3.5-inch drives.

And Bigfoot TX drives are the first to offer double-digit capacity for desktop computers - up to a massive 12 GB. This capacity gives users plenty of room now, with room to grow tomorrow. For all these reasons and more, Bigfoot TX drives deliver the best megabyte-per-dollar value in the market today.

Storage Capacity : 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB
Average Seek Time: as low as 12 ms
Rotational Speed: 4,000 rpm
Interface Options: Ultra ATA

Quantum's hard disk drive products are sold through several retail outlets.

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