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Omni-Tek® departments


A new recruit should carefully consider his field of interest before choosing an Omni-Tek® department to work in. If the recruit wants to reach the highest levels of the company hierarchy, the Partner level, it is important to know where it will be possible to raise quickly. A mentor with a lot of influence on the inside will always help.

There are all kinds of breeds and professions in a department. However, as an organization, each and every department, has its own agenda :



Tasks: Police, military, guarding - the servants of the public.

Archetype: A simple warrior who believes in the system. Omni-Pol recruits are very proficient in all kinds of weapons.



Tasks: Special Operations, spying, assassinations - the antibodies of the company.

Archetype: A careful person that prefers to stay in the shadows or act in disguise. Homo Opifex like this department, but are still a minority.



Tasks: Medical research, biotechnology, drugs - the seekers of knowledge.

Archetype: A scientist who wants to change the world through healing and new knowledge.



Tasks: Social engineering, information, brainwashing - the teachers of the public.

Archetype: The manipulator who uses other people to achieve his goals. A recruit is often able to lie so well that he believes the lie himself.



Tasks: Administration, bureaucracy, diplomacy, trade - the nerves of society.

Archetype: The best leaders are found in this department. They keep all the parts of the organization together.



Tasks: Mining, extracting minerals, production - the workhorses of society.

Archetype: This is the reason Omni-Tek® is on the planet, and nano-mages love this department. Omni-Mine controls much of the economy in Omni-Tek.


Tasks: Transportation, teleporting, communication, infrastructure.

Archetype: Scouts, messengers and explorers are in control of the department. Their information about what is happening is often better than what Omni-InternOp has.




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