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Designed for Deception: Nizkor
January 2000 -
We'll be finished "real soon now" so sit tight. (BTW: Did anyone notice how many banners now clutter up Nizkor's site?) In the meantime, have a look at David Irving's legal action against Professor Deborah Lipstadt.
David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper
November 1999 -
A courageous Jewish revisionist (before the JDL silenced him), David Cole interviewed the director of the Auschwitz State Museum with quite amazing results. What one Jew admits in the safe company of another Jew is quite telling...
David Irving at Central Washington University
May 1999 -
David Irving was kind enough to speak again at one of Washington State's largest colleges in the Spring of 1999. A packed audience, consisting of about 200 students and professors, enjoyed the lecture.
David Irving in Real Video
November 1998 -
This 1992 lecture delivers many powerful key revisionist arguments. No one who hears this lecture can claim that the "holocaust" issue is settled. One of Irving's best. Our challenge to the skeptics.
The Student Holocaust Revisionist Experience
November 1998 -
Our opinion about how you have come to think as you do, instead of as we do. Contained in this piece is a pretty important description of the means by which the media is exploited by its owners to sway public opinion in their favor. Camberly also makes a few logical arguments against the conclusions arrived at (about revisionism, the motives of revisionists, etc.) by most browsing skeptics.
J.S. Mill, Speech Prohibition, and "Neo-Nazism"
November 1998 -
Camberly submitted this paper to a PolySci professor in early 1997. A thought-provoking piece which demonstrates the contribution of opinion manipulation to the fallibility of speech judgement.
What is a 'Nazi?'
November 1998 -
One revisionist's/political activist's treatment of the subjective, perspective-dependent definition of this problematic term. (A Jewish email correspondent defines the term as Neil Camberly interrupts with comments.)
A note about 'anti-Semitism'
October 1998 -
Especially for those who think this 'magic word' can dismiss and account for all of the grievances described on this site and others like it.
A note to academic faculty visiting our site
September 1998 -
This is obviously a subject attached to which is enormous potential for emotional complications. We ask that as you view the information we have stored here, you honor the spirit of academic truth pursuit and do your best to set aside emotions which have historically purveyed human fallibility...
David Cole in Real Video
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