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Netzip Inc., founded in 1992, is an Atlanta-based software development company focused on building innovative Internet products that empower end-users and generate revenues for corporate partners through advertising. Netzip Classic® is one of the most widely used products on the web, and Netzip Download Demon is fast becoming the product of choice for anyone downloading files on the Internet. By serving advertisements in our products, we are able to make them freely available to everyone. Our advertising program enables targeted messages and content to be delivered to users’ desktops as they use the product.


We believe powerful software should make life on the Internet simpler for everyone, and that our software should be available at no cost to anyone who needs it. This philosophy is embraced throughout the company, from our website to our technical support team.


Three pillars serve as the foundation for our business: Products; Partners; and Advertising. Each pillar aims to benefit our customers, generate revenue and increase revenue and advertising opportunities for our valued corporate partners.


Boris Boris Jerkunica, CEO
After five years engineering software for IBM, Boris headed out on his own. The result: Netzip. In his words, "The Internet is a medium for everybody, and we try to make sure everybody has the tools to use it."

John Dancu, President
Over his career, John has worked with high-growth emerging businesses. He spent ten years as an investment banker with The Robinson-Humphrey Company assisting high-growth companies in raising capital and other transactions to maximize shareholder value. In addition, for four years John served as the Chief Operating Officer of one of the fastest growing retailers in the country.

Phil Phil Hill, VP Marketing
Phil spent four years developing and implementing product marketing plans for Coca-Cola/London. His vital, brand-oriented experience yields powerful insight into a particular software product's marketability.

Jim Knaack, VP Development
Jim's vast software experience includes eleven years with IBM, Microsoft Consulting Services, Bank Works and InterLogic. His commitment to the company's aggressive development schedule for new software products results in products that exceed our customers' expectations. The result is quality products that are easy to use.

Tom Tom Daly, VP Business Development
Tom spent over 12 years at TMP Worldwide, the world’s largest recruitment advertising agency and 14th largest overall, where he was one of the company’s early Internet marketing pioneers. His extensive agency experience allows him to proliferate Netzip’s advertising and branding proposition.

The Board

David M. Deans
Intecolor Corporation
Said Mohammadioun
Synchrologic, Inc.
John C. Throckmorton
Senior Vice President,
Business Applications Development
Lotus Development Corporation


Our products are among the most popular in the computer industry and are designed to make life on the Internet simpler for all users. They represent the talent, expertise and vision of each of our employees.

Our current product set includes:

  • Netzip Download Demon - An innovative new technology that manages downloads from the Internet, and offers useful pause and resume and reconnect features.
  • Netzip Classic® - A suite of products that includes Netzip Classic, Web and Folders. To date, over 3 million copies of Netzip Classic have been downloaded from the Internet.


Our corporate services are based on the most proven business compass, The Golden Rule. Each of our employees understands that the company can only exist if our customers and corporate partners continually receive superior service. On our website, we include a contact name, phone number and email address for each of our service sectors, and encourage customers and corporate partners to call or send email for any related purpose. Our services include:

  • Partner Relations - Our dedicated business development team serves the need of our SmartPartners, advertisers, resellers and affiliates. Each member is available to answer questions, lend expertise and help increase revenues for any size Web property.
  • Public Relations - Our PR department insures all of our critical audiences receive the latest company and product news, and reviewers, journalists and shareware distributors receive our latest products.
  • Support - Our full-time customer and technical support department is available to customers via e-mail or telephone from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. US Eastern time, Monday through Friday.
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