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NITRO: The Ultimate Fight

The winner by submission

The question throughout the Target Center all day, and throughout the show was who would win the WCW World Title Match. Wrestlers and referees alike made their predictions on the highly anticipated matchup between the undefeated Tank Abbot and the unstoppable Sid Vicious. Even after a devastating attack on the world champion backstage, in the end, Vicious proved why he is, and always will be the master and ruler of the world.
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POLL: Which was your favorite match on Nitro this week?

Mamalukes vs. Lane and Idol
Booker vs. Billy Kidman
3 Count vs. Brian Knobs
Norman Smiley vs. Dustin Rhodes
Jeff Jarrett vs. Vampiro
David Flair vs The Artist (FKAPI)
The Cat vs. The Maestro
Ric Flair vs. Curt Hennig
The Total Package vs. Buff Bagwell
Sid Vicious vs. Tank Abott

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Saturday NightSATURDAY NIGHT: All Or Nothing (February 26, 2000)
It would be a historic night for Lord Steven Regal, as he put his career on the line for a shot at the WCW Television Title held by Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Have we seen the last of Regal? Or was he able to capture the title from Duggan?

Nitro GirlsWCW THE NITRO GIRLS PERSONALITY QUIZ: (February 25, 2000)
You see them on Nitro every week, now find out which Nitro Girl you're most compatible with.

PollPOLL: Who Was The Greatest WCW TV Champion Of All Time? (February 25, 2000)
The WCW TV Title has resurfaced after Jim Duggan found the belt in the trash on a recent episode of WCW Saturday Night.

Flip SideTHE FLIP SIDE: Hear Me Roar (February 25, 2000)
Women have always been wrestling fans but now, we are stepping up and admitting, openly, that we love wrestling and we are proud to be fans. And, although we love our favorites for ALL their attributes, we DO know more than just what ring gear a wrestler wears when he makes the walk down the ramp.

ThunderTHUNDER: Team Package (February 23, 2000)
Ric Flair and The Total Package have been on an unstoppable path of destruction over the past several weeks, leaving a trail of broken arms along the way.
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UK VideoWCW VIDEO: Upcoming UK Video Release (February 24, 2000)
Get ready to grapple on 28th February 2000 when they kick off the fun with the release of the second title in the two compilation ranges launched in 1999 WCW Best Of Series Volume II and WCW Superstar Series Volume II.

Campus ClashCAMPUS CLASH: (February 23, 2000)
TNT and WCW team together for a four-college tour leading up to Spring Break-Out on Monday, March 27. You can win prizes. Click for details.

Saturday NightWCW MAGAZINE: Four Play (February 21, 2000)
Issue 59 has just landed on newsstands. Get a sneak peak here at everything from nWo 2000 to the new Nitro Girls' calendar.

WCW MotorsportsWCW MOTORSPORTS: The Season Begins (February 19, 2000)
NAPA 300 Daytona International Speedway "Daytona, FL".

WCW PowerSite
The WCW PowerDisk is here! Experience for the first time ever full-motion video of your favorite WCW Stars online. Terry of West Valley, Utah won a trip to Souled Out simply by entering The Power Disk contest.

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