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As a leader in video compression technologies, Sorenson Vision, Inc. develops high-quality video tools and applications for use in multimedia and interactive business solutions, and personal communications products.


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MacAddict says Sorenson Video 2.1 "FREAKIN' AWESOME!"

In the March 2000 issue of MacAddict magazine, Sorenson Video 2.1 Developer Edition was given MacAddict's highest rating -- Freakin' Awesome. The review raves about SV 2.1 for its G4 Velocity Engine support, ability to maintain quality in small files, and detailed control of key settings. Click here to view a .pdf of the MacAddict review.

[Nike Ad]

Swoosh! Sorenson Video used for new Nike ad campaign!

Nike is running a new ad campaign that starts on TV and ends with the viewer choosing an ending on Nike's website. The TV portion of the commercial ends with a cliff-hanger ending and then refers viewers to The video for these creative and innovative spots was compressed with Sorenson Video by Doug Werner at Apple. To find out how Doug produced this exciting online content, check out the Sorenson Video Showcase.

[Upgrade to EnVision 1.5]

Sorenson EnVision 1.5: Now with NT support!

The latest version of EnVision is now available and features NT support, more bandwidth settings, and many other new features. Current EnVision users may electronically download the EnVision 1.5 upgrade at no cost (more information here), or you may purchase an EnVision 1.5 kit at the Sorenson Vision Mall.

For more information about EnVision, go to the EnVision home page, or see the EnVision online demo.

Evaluate Sorenson Broadcaster

Sorenson Broadcaster -- Tool of choice for live streaming

Sorenson Broadcaster -- Sorenson Vision's QuickTimetm 4 live streaming tool -- is being used by top streaming content developers worldwide. Check out the Broadcaster Showcase to learn about this month's featured streaming site and how they're using Broadcaster.

Order your copy today or download an evaluation version and try it for free!

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